PS360 Problem


I have installed a PS360 PCB in my PS3 TE stick. I can get windows to detect this in both PS3 and Xbox360 mode and all buttons are working as they should on the PS3 however my 2 Xbox’s wont detect that this is connected, even with the holding turbo and plugging it in.

I’m using the provided cable that allows me to use my existing TE usb cable to connect to the console and have tried with a USB A-B cable with no luck.

pic of current setup.

Any suggestions?


I’m having the exact same problem, and from what i’m reading so is a lot of other people with a PS3 TE stick. Just wondering, did you use the 10 button setup? I did and I have the home and guide button mapped to my select button.

I’m wondering if there’s something I missed also? If anybody has any solution I would also like to know. Please and thank you.


Just ordered this - watching this thread like a fucking hawk now…


^this, I’m copping 2 to build a stick for me and my friend.


Same, I’m planning on building one from scratch though I’m using a full 12 button layout so I’m hoping it’s just down to how they’ve wired their buttons…
At least I’ll have a while to cancel my order with focus attack if it’s an actual fault with the PCB…


I just built a stick around this and have no issues. Are you sure that when you have the stick plugged into your pc it detexts the turbo button being pressed?

I push and hold the turbo button down before plugging in, then plug it in, then wait about 5 seconds and let go. Everything works fine on mine. Only difference is I didn’t use the Terminal strip or stock Turbo panel. Maybe something is wrong there…


It’s his xbox that’s the problem but yeah you do have to hold it down BEFORE you plug it in and keep holding it for 5 seconds… 10 seconds probably wouldn’t go amiss
see if there’s anything in this that’ll help you, cookee?