PS360 PS2 Games on PS3 issue


I tried posting on the aki thread and there was no reply.

Did this mod for a client, works perfectly fine for the majority of applications except for the following:

  1. PS3 functionality is good, as in it works for sf4, darkstalkers, tekken tag and so on. When we try CvS2 on PS3 (Jap PS2 on PSN release) it does not detect at all and reconnecting does nothing. Can other people try this? Or is this known already (probably same with all PS2 PSN games).

  2. For 360, all works except when we use an extension usb cable. It works on some but not others, what is worth noting here is that it works perfectly fine for all the other sticks in this place, TEs, Qanbas, my Omni etc… We need to plug straight into the console for it to work.

Install notes:
Custom stick, usb wires soldered to alt points. Same behaviour on initial and latest firmware.


Okay for Backwards compatible PS3s, for the PS2 games you need a controller that will be compatible for the PS2. Not a;; PS3 controllers are PS2 Compatible.
This is predominantly PS2 game Disks on PS3 Backwards compatible PS3 units. I am sure PS2 PSN titles have similar issues.

My list I compiled from the What stick to buy Guide.

  1. For 360, all works except when we use an extension usb cable. It works on some but not others, what is worth noting here is that it works perfectly fine for all the other sticks in this place, TEs, Qanbas, my Omni etc… We need to plug straight into the console for it to work.

For this, you need to look at the electrical impedance and at voltage drop. Voltage drop is easy to explain, the longer the wire is the more the voltage is going to drop until the voltage on the other end of the line is lower than when it comes in. This is a fundamental property of electricity and you can only combat it with lower resistant wiring.
Now the electrical impedance is a trickier issue. With Voltage drop in factor, the properties and resistant values of that wire and even the frequencies the wire allow signals to operate from.
Sometimes just changing the wire thickness (thinner or thicker) or the material (copper, tin, aluminum, zinc ect) is enough to change the impedance where the signal is not the same coming out of that wire any more.

There is a huge reason the max distance for USB 2.0 cables is 15 feet without Repeaters. Also factor in USB cord wiring is not twisted like any kind of network cable example Cat 5 and cat 6 cable, so USB is more subject to interference and cross talk.

  1. My omni (paewang) worked fine for CvS2 PS2/PSN version. It’s odd because that’s in your not working list. I’ll do a test with some qanba’s but I’m positive I’ve seen them playing CvS2 on the PS3 too.

I guess you can add PS360+ to the not working list. That really sucks.

  1. I understand long cables and voltage drop and impedence. It’s just odd because all of the TE’s and Qanba’s in the scene here work absolutely fine, I guess the PS360+ is more sensitive?


Well I don’t know how accurate everything is as I depend heavily on the reports of others, I do not have the time, money or other resources to test each and every board and converter.
I also have to factor in there will be board revisions, and newer versions of said board will work while older versions fail (or vice versa). The PS360+ for example could change depending on the firmware version.

I also no longer have a working Backwards compatible PS3, so I can’t test various boards on an actual backwards compatible PS3 anymore. I can still do PSN titles as I have a Newer Slimline PS3, but that is a different beast.


Problem is specifically with PS2 PSN titles.


I’m having similar issues with an extension cord when using it in 360 mode on the PC.

It’s not getting recognized. First thing I did was swap out the cables. I tried swapping the extension and the main cable but didn’t have any luck.

Funny thing is, the PS360 works fine with ANY usb cable+extension when its anything but 360 mode.


I have a PS2 with a 750GB HDD loaded with +230 games on it, I have almost all the fighters that came out for the PS2, mostly american and japanese titles, and every time I tried to play with my PS360+ fightstick using a PS-RJ45 cable I get into some problems, some games work (3S, GGAC+, SF, CvS, MvC2) and others don’t (T 5 (works sometimes), SC, VF, TRF, KoF, AH and some more).

I have checked everything, changed the PS cable and even used my HDD in another PS2 and the problem still there… my PS360+ are in the latest firmware and I really don’t know what else could be the reason of this behavior, I’ve tried with some PSX cd games (T3, SB, RS and SS) and they work fine, I have also tried the bleemcast for T3 on my DC and it works fine too.

I have two Hori T5 fightsticks and they worked perfectly in every single game, I have also a Interact Shadow Blade (yeah, shame on me!) and it works also… not in the best way since is an awful fightstick, but at least I can play all the PS2 titles from my HDD.

I ‘m starting to believe what some other srk member said about Toodles’ pcbs are better than de PS360+ in some points… this seems to be THAT point for me.

When I plug the PS360+ to my computer I used it in 360 mode for SSFIV and SFxT and in PS3 mode for SuperARC and GGPO and this way I have never had any issue with it in my computer so far.


Figured out the fix for this, Just disconnect the fightstick from the ps3 after opening the game, the screen goes black and it goes into ps2 mode after the game is booted up reconnect the fightstick and everything should work. same goes for the other ps2 titles