PS360+ PS3 Madcatz TE S Solderless Help Request


Hey all, I’m new to modding outside of swapping out buttons. I am hoping someone can help me out with a few questions regarding solderless modding my PS3 TE S.

I’ve read through and watched quite a few installation videos and docs for both the 360 and PS3 TE sticks and I feel I get the general idea of how to install the ps360+ solderless. But, some things I couldn’t find in these tutorials that I need help on before I go about modding are:

-Is it possible to get by without the turbo and home button? I know they require soldering to use, but for now I want to avoid soldering. I read that if you press Start + Select and hold it for a second or two, it acts like pressing the home button. Is that true?

-On the akishop documentation, it says that the ps360+ automatically reads what console its being plugged into and works accordingly, but if you have to force the console to recognize the stick you press and hold a button that corresponds to that console noted in the documentation. But on some of these videos, people say that you need to hold in the turbo button and plug the stick’s usb into the console in order for it to recognize a new console. Which one is true? And if I need to use the latter method with the turbo, can I split the select button’s wire into both the select and turbo slot of the ps360+ like stated in the akishop documentation’s 11 button layout method and use select as turbo to force the console to recognize my fightstick?

-Finally, does anyone have a diagram of PS3 TE’s button ribbon wires and which of the 10 individual wires in the ribbons correspond to which button? The tutorial video on focus attack only went over the 360’s button ribbons.

Any helps is greatly appreciated, thanks.

  1. yes, you don’t need either. Also the second statement is true, though I don’t know if S+S=H is enabled from the get go, but it can be set in configuration mode. Side note, PS360+ has no support for turbo, so that button would be useless unless you wired it to something else.

2)There is autodetection, so there should be no need for that; this isn’t a IMP install so you don’t need to hold select either. You may have been watching the wrong video or the person who made the video/commented doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Forced Modes exist but it utilizes the action buttons, not the turbo button.

  1. The button labels would be on the bottom of the PS3 PCB/Turbo Panel so if you follow the wire to the proper label as so, you should be good


This is excellent information :slight_smile: Thank you so much.

All the confusion I was having with the install is cleared up with this info.

Also, thats a great diagram of the PS3 te pcb. I think it is the first I’ve seen throughout my searches for one.


Thank you! I’m about to install my own PS360+ in my PS3 stick (like Shin_Akuma777, my first real mod beyond getting some new buttons), and was looking for just this.

One question though: What is the wire marked ‘CN4’ (the light blue box in the picture) used for? I can’t seem to find a corresponding port on the PS360+ to insert it into. Can I just cut it off?

Again, thanks so much!


I believe that is for KGND used for the Start and Select lock switch compatibility, but I cannot confirm right now since I don’t have one on me. PS360+ doesn’t have any compatibility with that so if you plan to use it you will need to use another mod/pcb solution in addition to the PS360+.


Thats right, KGND is used for the Start and Select lock


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From Gummowned:


Well, after many tries to install the ps360+ in my PS3 TE S I’m stumped.

I managed to get the JLF stick to function properly, but when it comes to the buttons I have no idea how to properly hook them up to the screw down terminals on the PS360+.

I looked at picture of a ps3 pcb provided earlier in this thread and compared it to my old PS3 TE S pcb. The odd thing is instead of there being a “CN3” and “CN4” groups of wires on the pcb, my old ps3 pcb has “CN3” and “CN5”. Not sure if that makes much of a difference but I figured I should mention it.

So first I hooked up the wires from the ribbon that was once attached to CN3 on the old pcb to the buttons depicted on the picture and what’s stated on my old pcb: (starting with the red wire) 4p, 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, GND. Then I hooked up the wires that was once attached to CN5 on my old pcb to: (starting with the red wire) Start, Select, 1p, 2p, 3p, and I grounded what I think is the lock function wire. I was told on a tutorial video that I should ground that wire if I do not plan on using its feature. I’m not sure if this makes a difference but on the picture above, there isn’t a red wire in the CN4 area on that pcb whereas with mine I have two red wires (one on the CN3 ribbon and one on the CN5 ribbon).

After hooking all of the wires up like that, I tested the TE S on both the ps3 and xbox 360. The JFL worked fine as stated above but the only button that worked was L1 but it functioned like X. I tried to play UMVC3 just for further testing and when I got to the notification about not using save data, the L1 button lost its function.

From there I decided to reorder the wires for the buttons figuring the red wire on the CN3 set of wires was really 1k. So starting with the CN3 wires: (Starting with the Red Wire) 1k,2k,3k,4k,GND, and I tried grounding the 6th wire on this ribbon because I thought it may have been that lock function wire. With the CN5 wires I reordered them to: (Starting with the red wire): 1p,2p,3p,4p,Start,Select. On the tutorial video I watched from focus attack, the guy doing the tutorial said to just “wire them in order” and he started the CN3 wires off with 1k. So I figured I’d try that out and I took a guess as to how the rest of the buttons were ordered based on their functions in most fighting games: light to heavy (with grounding included) and ending with start and select.

Needless to say, all of that didn’t work either.

If anyone could possible see what I am doing wrong and steer me in the right direction when it comes to hooking up buttons to my PS360+ on my PS3 TE S I’d greatly appreciate it.


Can you take pics of your wiring of the buttons and pcb? That will help the people here trouble shoot what is wrong. Also it’d be good to use your actual PCB for reference, as there should be the pinout of what wire corresponds to what button on the print of either face of the PCB.


Yeah sure, I’ll try to get that posted asap


Okay, to start here’s a pic of my TE S’ innards:

This is a pic of my PS3 TE S’ PCB:

Here is how I have the PS360+ hooked up as of right now:

Forgot to mention, I am trying to make L2 act as the Select button. I unhooked the L2 button’s quick disconnects and replaced them with Select’s quick disconnects like this:

Does that affect the functionality of the button hookups on the PS360+ and if so how do I properly make L2 the Select button?


You hooked up KGND for as 1P (Red wire on CN5), L1 as 1K (hence your L1=X), Hooked up L2 to GND, and probably a few others due to the wiring that was put in the wrong order.
GND CN5’s red wire then proceed with the silk screen labels. Labels for CN3 should be correct, so L1 is red, X is 1 below red, etc.

If need be use the bottom of the terminal board to track the traces to each corresponding wire on each connector. GND will be the trace that covers an entire row (Start and selects will be their own because of the TE-S Lock function) , each buttons signal will be on the other.

So in order from top down:

(Red) - KGND (To GND)
(White 1) -Start
(White 2) - Select
(White 3) - Square (1P)
(White 4) - Triangle (2P)
(White 5) - R1 (3P)

(Red) - L1 (4P)
(White 1) - X (1K)
(White 2) - O (2K)
(White 3) - R2 (3K)
(White 4) - L2 (4K)
(White 5) - GND

In the same order you wired:
Red - 1P (x)
White 1-3 was between 2P to 4P and I couldn’t follow due to the MS paint text
white 4 - ST
white 5- SEL

Red - 1K
White 1-4 - 1K to 4K respectively
White 5-6 - GND


Okay, so how I’m understanding this is: Follow exactly how CN3 is labeled on the old pcb for the order of the CN3 wires. Then ground the red CN5 wire and with the next wire, hook it up in the order the old pcb has labeled for CN5. Is that right? This is my first real mod for a fightstick so I don’t know the terminology like “silk screen labels”, “traces”, etc.


That should be correct.

Silk Screen Labels are the white print on the PCB eg. the button labels and CN5/CN3 printed on the board and traces are the conductive tracks on the PCB such as the line going from the red wire on CN 5 (aka KGND). Knowing where each point leads will help you out in times like these where you have an error in wiring.


Well, I hooked up the wires as you said and unfortunately none of the buttons responded. Are there any other options? Also, does the amount of hair-like wires within a single button wire dictate if a button will respond or not? I try to have all of them within a single wire be put into a screw down terminal and I make a loop out of them for better grip in the screw down terminal. Some of the wires may be missing a hair wire or two for one screw down terminal. Does that matter?

Also, I don’t know if you saw, but I am trying to make the L2 button act as Select. Does that change anything about the way you showed me how to hook up the ps360+ or no?

Thanks for your help so far :slight_smile:


One or two strands shouldn’t affect it, as long as you have it making contact with the terminal , even the screw itself, it should function.

Yes, it will change what you hook up for Select, as you would switch the two.

Try plugging into a computer and checking the game controller properties and test buttons. Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Right Click your PS360+ device and choose “game controller settings”, then click properties and tell us if anything is registered for buttons, if something is constantly registered, or if nothing is at all. This will tell us if you correctly wired your buttons signal and ground chain. You may have reversed the order of one or miswired the two connectors to the others corresponding points.


Okay, here’s the properties page for the PS360+. I don’t really know how to read it so here’s a screen shot. The red buttons read 1-13 encase you can’t see them from this pic:


Nothing lights up when pressed?


R1 and L1 both make the number 6 red button light up in the properties menu.


Sorry to ask again but pics of wiring?