Ps360 questions

Hi I’ve ordered one of these from focusattack and have noticed a lot of threads asking about faults
Do they break down often/generally faulty or are they very hard to set up?
it didn’t look that hard from the guide

Can anyone clear this up for me?

easy as hell to wire up, people have problems with the ps3 TE stick cause you have to solder, I installed into a brand new case and it was plug and play. No problems yet!

Ahhh, just there’s been a few threads mentioning connectivity problems like PC not finding it or 360 etc
Was a lil worried I was wasting my money haha
Any more success stories?

Yeah. Threw it in a custom stick (fightboard style), it all just worked. No problems ever. Just remember to hold down turbo when you plug it into a different console than the last one and you’re fine.

Squeezed one into a Namco stick - they are a very handy shape and size as well as easy to wire up!

Thank god - you know when all you see is threads with people having problems you start to worry hahah