PS360 rising sun stick xbox stick jlf swana obsn

hello all up for sale is a qcf mdf case with red 30 mm screw in swana buttons a ps360 and a jff with octo gate and neutrik usb adapter and red meshball 175 obo

an xbox 360 case with all happ parts and a wireless controller pad hacked i think it needs a new battery if there is one in it right now i made this because i had spare parts and might have only used it once sold

then i have a wood case with happ parts and a wireless xbox controller padhacked it has a battery but i always used the cord so it may need a new battery and it has a neutik usb 70 obo

3 new red sawna 24mm screw ins 8 obo
8 new white swana 30mm screw ins 30 obo
new jlf with white ball top sold
clear arrows dust cover sold
new octo gate and reg gate 5 obo
white swana ball top sold
a case blank i think it is poplar or cherry it was a bday gift made by my brother in law that i never finished it is primed and ready to paint 40obo

i work on the weekends so i might be a little slow on responses sun and mon but should respond within reason during the week, have over 500 feedback on ebay if you need any references never really sold anything on here just really been a long time lurker but i haven’t touched this stuff in about a year or so so i think its time to go



shipping included?

on the little things i would be fair with shipping ,buttons and joystick probably add 4 bux for shipping and the real little things if it could fit in an envelope then sure i would say free shipping, on the sticks i would say a flat rate box is about 14 i would split the difference

hmmm may be interested in the JLF…

With the Xbox 360 case, are the HAPP parts (the buttons and joystick) easily interchangeable with Sanwa?

with the xbox case i dont see why you couldnt swap out the parts.

let me know if you want the jlf



Can I get that clear dust cover? Can you PM me your final price?

that is an AWESOME price on the rising sun stick, really wish this was for sale two months ago xD

pm sent


payment sent for JLF

ok if i dont get any interest in the rising sun stick i might be interested in parting it out

ps360 100 obo
jlf with octo gate 25 obo
red meshball 20 obo
8 red 30mm swana buttons 20 obo
3 red 24 mm 8 obo
8 button qcf case 70 obo

i know the prices are a little high but im trying to talk you into buying the whole thing

Will u part out the 360 console stick? All I really want is the (prehacked) wireless pcb.

i sold the 360 stick i might have a another wireless pcb that has been pad hacked ill have to look,

also would there be any interest on a jtag xbox i have 2 one has been a great xbox never a problem its a xenon with a 640 gb hd i havent updated the dash yet but can or i have a xenon that i used to test leds it never rrod but it had a no video issue when i got it years ago i did a simple fix cleaned the thermal paste and it has always booted since, this one also has a bad dvd drive.

250 obo for the one with hd
100 obo for the other

Yes please. Definitely interested in that wireless 360 pcb

got the jlf today thanks