PS360+ RJ-45 Problem


I just finished wrapping up a ps360+ install. If i plug in a USB cable directly to the board everything works great on both ps3 and 360 as expected. If I unplug the usb cable and use the RJ45 -> USB cable I purchased with the board directly into the RJ45 connector on the board I get nothing. No blinking lights on the PCB or anything. Is there some configuration step I’ve missed to tell the board that I want to use the RJ45 connection instead or did I get a dud board?


Try a different RJ-45 to USB cable… I have had faulty RJ-45 to USB cable before…


I do not have another rj45 to USB. I’ll try the Dreamcast cable I got and see how that one works. Now that I know there is not some special config I need for rj45 on the board it is just process of elimination.


Tested it out with the Dreamcast cable and everything worked fine. I’ll return the USB cable I guess as that seems pretty clearly where the problem is.


Seems to happen sometimes with the cables. If you want/need other cable types, it may be worth spending $25 on a RJ45 crimper tool.