PS360+ stopped registering on ps3,360 and PC


Last night at my group’s weekly, my beloved MAS stick stopped working right after i had finished a match. I went to plug it back in on the ps3 it did not work. I went to try it out on xbox 360 and it did not work. Today i tried nothing worked, now my PC isn’t even recognizing it. What do i do?


Who installed the PS360+?

When you say it did not work, can you be more descriptive? Absolutely nothing turns on?

If so, then its most likely the USB A-B cable fell out of its port on the PS360+ PCB. If it does turn on, but does not function properly, then you have a problem with installation.


I’ve been playing on it consistently for several weeks. . Its rj-45 to usb and its actually plugged into the PCB it is not loose in any way shape or form.


Try plugging it into your PC while holding down Start. IIRC, that should trigger BootLoader mode… If your PC does not detect a “new” device, then I’d say that something is wrong on board… But I would also try disconnecting the RJ45 and try with a USB cable to make sure your cable didn’t go bad.


i was only given an rj45 to usb cable. I tried doing what you said with the bootloader and none of my inputs or anything is registering for Sf4.


i really hope its just a cable, i don’t want to have to fork out more money for something to fix with an arcade stick. I already bought a brand new joystick for my other stick, i thasn’t come in yet. So right now i can’t practice at all or play anything.


Do you have a usb cable for a printer (USB-B)? Try unplugging the RJ-45 and using that. If that works, it’s the cable.


Yep it was the cable. thanks again guys :smiley:


Awesome… Come to think of it, my last suggestion should’ve been my first! :stuck_out_tongue: