Ps360+ with ps4 controller question


Ok I know this may be a crazy question but had to ask. Is it possible to just wired up the power of the ps4 pcb to the ps360+ just for the bluetooth capability so the ps360+ would last longer than 8min? I have a ps4 controller that I won off ebay that was supposed to be broken but works fine so I did not want to take that one apart. So I just won another controller that triggers are broken so when it comes in I’ll make sure it can sync and if it does, I was thinking about maybe trying out what I just proposed. I wont be able to do that until the end of the week so I just wanted to put it out and see what you guys think about it. If its a bone-head idea, I have no problem with y’all saying dude that idea is &^%$$ stupid. LOL. I just had to ask. If by chance it is a good idea, let me know as well.



Might as well just padhack the DS4. While in itself is quite difficult, what you’re proposing might be even more so since it’ll require creating some sort of interface for the PS360+ to talk to the DS4, possibly even some extra hardware for it too.


Yes, just do a pad hack of the Dual Shock 4.
You get more capability dual-modding a DS4 with a MC Cthulhu than you would with a PS360+


ok thanks guys. @d3v‌ I wanted to be lazy but your right, it maybe more of a pain in the ass than just wiring the whole damn thing. @Darksakul‌ since I have 3 ps360+ I was going to use one of them. again thanks guys I do value y’all two knowledge.