PS360 with xbox1(mame)?

Has anyone tried hooking up the PS360 to a usb to xbox1 converting cable then to the xbox1 for mame play?



= WIN?

Wrong PCB. It needs native Xbox1 support. Those USB to Xbox converters are for keyboards for Linux. MC Cthulhu or Dual Strike.

I got a mc cthulhu and out of the box it supports ps3/pc through the usb connection and it seems that is the same claim as the ps360. Wonder what makes the ps360 different?

Multi-Console Cthulhu does Xbox.
Xbox is one of the consoles in Multi-Console.

I know that, thanks, but was wondering whether the xbox1 can handle inputs (via usb) that is pc/ps3 native?

PC is PC.
Xbox is Xbox.
PlayStation 3 is PlayStation 3.

OK will stick with the mc then. Thanks!

The Xbox 1 does not support USB controllers. Only Xbox 1 controllers.

The PS360 in PC/PS3 mode is a USB controller, which is not the same thing as an Xbox 1 controller.

Would an Xbox controller, modified to regular USB, be supported on PC?

Yes, but only with custom drivers. I think it only works on windows XP though. It’s been a long time since I messed with that stuff.

EDIT: here it is

Argh…mc cthulus out of stock at L L. Anyone knows why playstation digital only pad pcbs lag with most ps1/2 to xbox1 converters? And is there any way around that problem??

Use a DualShock1 PCB instead of PSX digital. Or make your own converter with FGWidget converter from Toodles.

You can order an MC Cthulhu directly from Toodles, he has them in stock. The official Cthulhu and ChImp thread - Try our new Dreamcast flavor!

Yes been using the dualshock1 pcbs but find that they die too quickly and I dont know why.

Oh. Well, you could always make a FGWidget converter, like I said. They work perfectly with PSX digital. You just need to know how to padhack and dual mod. If you can do those, you can use it. Read up the welcome document to assess if it’s in your skill level.

They must be ordered directly from Toodles.

If you want to go the PS1 digital route then here’s your answer. Looking to pick up a couple more myself. I gave mine away and then fixed up my Xbox that wasn’t working. They’re awesome converters.

^ Are these lagless when using the directions? Because most of the ones I got before lag with the directions, but the buttons register fine.