PS360+ wont work, unknown device detection problem

Got a Ps360+ for my mad catz Tournament Edition S - Black so i wouldn’t need to buy a new stick for ps4, but can’t get it work on ps3,4 or pc, nothing happens on the consoles but on pc it shows up as unknown device at least… I kept and soldered the USB that came with the stick on the ps360+ I have tried useing two different USB A + B one really short and a two meter one, the only thing that happens when I connect the stick is that the leds flash up once on the pcb, then nothing. I have checked so all the cables have connection, so I don’t think its a wireing problem. Have used usb 2.0 and 3.0 as well an intern usb pci card and external usb hub, but it only shows up as unknown device. And i got xbox360 controll drivers installed as well. Any idea what I could try next?

You should of first read the Info Thread which is sticked for a reason. It say it it’s title read before hitting that new thread button.
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That said, did you swap the data - and data + lines around.
Green usually Data + or D+ and White is Data - or D- .

Same thing happened to me. The answer is get a powered 2.0 usb hub.

Also, once you get it make sure to force it into xb360 mode (hold mp when plugging in)

A USB hub will not work if you don’t wire up the USB cable right in the first place.

That’s what caused the problem finally got it to work. =)