PS360+ - X360 forced mode not working on PC


Hey all,

I recently rebuilt my MC TE stick with a PS360+ PCB. It works fine in native mode, but not forced XBox 360 mode. I really want to force it to that mode because of the retarded button mappings in MK9/Injustice, where my buttons are given labels like [1], [2] and so on, and the buttons aren’t even in order on the stick.

If I have my DS3 plugged in with the XInput wrapper, MK9/Injustice display the native Xbox buttons, which would be a damn sight better than what I have. If I force XB360 mode by holding 2P on the stick when plugging it in, “USB Device not recognized” and a note saying that the device malfunctioned. I have the latest x360 controller drivers. Not sure what the issue could be.

Any ideas? Troubleshooting tips? I’m about to rollback my PS360+ firmware from 1.31 to 1.3 just to see if it does anything, but doubting it. Appreciate any help.

PS360+ hori modded stick not recognized in PC

It simply isn’t compatible with some PC’s in 360 mode. The same with the Cerberus.



“Some PCs”? I’m a tech guy, tell me more. Why isn’t it compatible? What are the restrictions on it?


I don’t know, I’m simply telling you that it does not work in 360 mode on some PC’s. You are welcome to investigate the issue yourself, I don’t think it has really been examined by the people here.

At a guess it’s something to do with the board not compensating for voltage fluctuation in different PC hardware.


What cable/connection are you using? USB/Rj45? Length of cable? USB 2.0 capable?


@splice42 - Have you tried plugging it into a different USB port?


The cable is the one that came with the MadCatz SFIV TE (X360) stick. Not sure about the specs. I could get another and replace it if that’s the likely issue. It’s probably not cheap to get one of a good length for it, so I’ll try to use one I already have to test it. I don’t remember ever testing it in a PC before I dual-modded it with a Cthulhu (before I swapped for PS360+).

No, will do tonight. Would be strange to see, but who knows, maybe the port’s a bit flaky.


Yeah undo the soldered cable and just grab a USB B to A that’s 2.0 and under 10 feet to use as a sanity check. Sometimes the length and age/wear of the older MCZ sticks can clash with how sensitive win7 seems to be in regard to boards. It’s weird, but I’ve had it happen to me on multiple occasions.

If you find that’s the issue, you can re-solder your cable, but I’d shorten it up by 8" to a foot or so and see if that helps.

And yeah, try a different port. People are reporting that on win7 and newer systems that for some reason front ports have issues yet back ports don’t, USB 2.0 ports have issues yet 3.0 don’t… vice verse. It’s weird, just gotta roll with it. If it functions on the system itself then that’s a good starting point as well.


Kinda off topic, but im having a similar problem maybe you guys can help me out. When I try and connect to my Dreamcast the board doesnt auto detect so I have to boot manually by holding down 3P first then plugging in. All seems good until I start a match (MVC2) then after about 15 seconds the sticks just disconnects…Works fine on my 360 without any issues. And I just updated to the latest drivers


Start by looking at your neutrik/cabling, and try a direct plug to the RJ45 jack.

Shorter cables too people, that solves like 90% of problems when it comes to system detection issues. Can’t have a fast bus like the dreamcast running a gazillion feet through several connectors and expect it to play nice.


FYI I believe USB fails @ >13’


I got USB cord to 15 ft without failure.
But the cords have to be high quality.