Has anyone heard about a new PS360 PCB being released? Since akihabara shop stopped selling the old one, I really want to believe this news, but unfortunately it was posted on April 1st…god damn those japanese people if they’re toying with such serious matter.

Here’s the link for it:

Can joystick with PS360+ PCB works on next gen console?

First off, you’re coming off as incredibly rude otori. There are plenty of better ways to have written your post than the way you did.

Second, to actually answer your question, the PS360+ (tentative title) is certainly not a fake or an April Fools joke. It’s in the works right now and while no details have been released, more details are supposedly on the way for later this month. So just sit tight and you’ll get your information.




April 1 is the start of the Japanese fiscal year. Clearly Per delayed posting PS360+ info until then so that people would not hold off on orders for the previous quarter. This is to keep his year-end numbers high so his thousands and thousands of shareholders stay fat and happy.

Yeah, of course it is real, relax… :slight_smile:


Wow, interesting. I didn’t actually know that about the Japanese fiscal year. The things I learn in Tech Talk! :lol:


Thanks man. I didn’t mean to be offensive, sometimes I let the internet slang get the best of me.

That info makes a lot of sense RoboKirit. Really looking forward to this PCB…if it has headset support and console recognition it would be the ultimate board.


I’m not sure if headset support will happen truth be told. I know the controller protocol may have been broken, but I think Microsoft uses a different protocol entirely for the headset. Unless the PS360+ can prove me wrong, the only way to use a headset with this PCB is by using a wireless headset. That’s actually what I’m doing right now with my PS2 Hori Real Arcade Pro 2: SA hooked up to my Xbox 360 via an Xconverter 360. There’s no headset port anywhere on either the stick or the converter, but it syncs just fine with a wireless headset. A bit pricey to get it working, but that’s a sure-fire way.


The new PS360 may be utilising whatever technology is inside the Qanba 4, in which case wired mic support is likely.


PS2 support would be sexy if they could pull it off. I don’t know that the demand is there.


Wow, that is news to me. This new Qanba 4 PCB sounds really freaking interesting and I’d love to see that tech be implemented into the PS360+. Hell, maybe Per and his associates even figured out a way to make the PCB wireless. :wow:

Yeah, I kinda hope they have PS2 support as well, if only so I can still play Guilty Gear with my new custom while I await the next one on a current gen console. Not to mention, there’s a ton of games I have for the PS2 that would really benefit a lot from a stick. I figure it’s the same with you Kyle considering how many SHMUPs you have. :lol:



I hope not, as that would make tournaments a bit tricky… :slight_smile:

Would love to see PS2 support added to it, though.


PS2 + Sega Saturn + Dreamcast support via RJ45 would be perfect.


This thread is a pretty funny read :).
Some people seem to be right on the spot and some are not…let´s just leave it at that.


I want to buy stock in Akihabarashop! :wink:


I want to buy stock in Akihabarashop! :wink:


^ So good it had to be said twice.



there you go Per. The things you do, people are finding hard to believe :stuck_out_tongue:


Shameless bump since the announcement was made two months ago. Any news on how the board is coming out?


I’m sure we’ll hear from Jaleel from Hopefully we get news immediately after the end of this month.


Hey all - Jaleel from here. I’ll check in with Per over the weekend. As you’ve noticed, he’s hard to get hold of in the forums these days. Right now, I don’t have any feature updates to confirm or refute the assumptions made here; Per hasn’t mentioned the feature list to me yet, but says it’s in progress.

I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything that Akishop can allow me to say. Thanks!