The way the PS360 is right now, you hold the turbo button down as you plug the USB in to switch between 3360 & PS3. It will always stay in whatever mode you left it at until you do it again.

Can’t wait for this PCB!!! I so want my stick dual modded!

If you are really impatient you can always buy the Paewang PCB, requires more soldering than the PS360 however.

Just modded my HRAP V3 SA a few weeks ago, working well.

Im a noob to stick modding. Where can one purchase a Paewang PCB? Thanks

There’s also to make wiring easier with the PCB.

Cool thanks I will check it out!

I just recently started looking into this kind of thing and was wondering what the big differences are in the new version? Basically if I should wait for the new version or if Ill be just fine with the old one.

Nobody knows the specific details of the new version. Akihabarashop hasn’t revealed them yet, other than it will be marginally different in size.

However, the old version isn’t in production any longer, and most people have already used the ones that have already been produced.

Ah ok, I keep hearing people talk about price like its a bad thing. How much were the old ones? I found this one in your post above which seems to do everything necessary for what seems to be a decent price. Paewang Revolution PCB Only

Same price being as that. It was discounted if you pre-ordered, though.

The PS360 was almost functionally the same as that, too. However, you could use the PS360 without soldering, like you need on Paewang. You also have to either use the included USB of Paewang or solder on a new on. PS360 could have a USB cable plugged in.

I see, so its more of a ease of use kinda thing people like more about the PS360. Thanks a lot for all the help.

So I’ve searched as well and it’s well past the 1st of april. Any word on the ps360 yet?

Based on what Jaleel from has said, the PS360+ units have unfortunately been delayed till sometime in Quarter 3 2011 due to AkihabaraShop having problems with actual fabrication of these PCBs (don’t quote me on this one; I’m just trying to recall this off the top of my head). So they have been unfortunately been delayed for a bit longer. We also still don’t have any other information on this PCB and its features, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Just a friendly bump, CANNOT wait to see these become available.

Ditto, bought the 1st wave and was VERY happy. So easy, great. I’m dying for the new version…

Time to wake this thread up! :smiley:

Yay! Peoples will be very happy. I know I am to see 360 and PS2 on the same board.

Hi, sorry to bring back this thread alive but I’m having issues with my ps360+ and SFV. I updated it with the latest firmware, and sometimes my MK button doesn’t work for 3-5 seconds, or my controls are messed up for 2-3 seconds. Even though it doesn’t happen often (once every hour maybe) it’s still problematic. I think it happened too in USF4 when sometimes I wanted to Focus and it didn’t work.
I already checked the wires, everything seems fine. I always use it on PC with the xbox mode.

Is it because of the update ? I’m pretty sure it’s not a hardware issue but I may be wrong. Other than that the controls are working fine, no input lag or anything out of the ordinary.

You should really be posting this question in the Absolute Question and Answer Thread, it’s stickied for a reason.