Does any one know when will the ps360+ pcb be available.


For real?


Yo I heard it’s laggy you might not want it.


A year ago or more


Might be asking when it’ll be available again, since it’s sold out everywhere. I believe Focus attack still has some.




I foresee a resurgence in 360 pad hacking threads in the near future.


Focus attack is sold out too but I’ll check again. How laggy is it? Is there other recommendations other than the ps360+.I’m building my own stick, that I want to dual mod i have evrything already I just need a pcb. What about the toodles pcb? Is that any good?


Toodles’ boards aren’t 360 compatible. The ps360 and the paewang are the only 3rd party boards I’m aware of the have native 360 and Ps3 support. Your other options for cross compatibility all require an actual dual mod.


CanadianJoysticks has them


Says out of stock.


The shop listing mentions they predict a new shipment in August, so maybe you’ll have better luck in a month. They can’t have been out of stock too long, since I just ordered and installed one from FA maybe 2-3 weeks ago for a friend.