PS4 1080p or 720P while running SFV & MKX


Last gen it seemed to be the consensus to set your PS3 & Xbox360 to 720p for fighting games to reduce lag, but I am reading that MKXL and SFV both run naively @ 1080p on the PS4. Am I adding lag by setting the console to 720p?

#2 says not running a game at your monitors native res can cause lag, so if your monitor is 1080p set your console at that.

What causes input lag?

There are a variety of factors, but these are the most common ones:

Source resolution being different from the native display resolution

(EXAMPLE: setting a Playstation 3 to 720p on a 1080p display)


That’s surprising, always thought TV scaling was a lagless thing.


i’m not sure about all that, setting a xbox360 with SF4 on 1080p with the old trusty Asus produced enough lag that player like F3 alucarD and JWE Kiu would be able to point out the problem set-ups by playing on them and dropping combos they shouldn’t.


Every process introduce latency. Scalling is a process.

Back in the day with PS3 and Xbox 360 not many games supported 1080p, then again not many TVs supported 1080p ether.
Fast forwards some 11+ years and 1080p HDTVs are common.

Always set your console to your TV/Monitor’s native resolution.


So if I’m on PS3, I’m screwed? Are game system’s upscaling methods better than what the TV does?

What are the numbers on TVs? Is it consistent or is it different per TV?

I heard on xbox 360 a lot of games lag and slow down a lot rendering at 1080p so its best to set it to 720p but I guess it’s a matter of research.


‘lag and slow down’ is not the same as input lag, what you’re talking about is a game going under 60 or 30 fps, so with consoles like the 360 etc it’s either play at 720p with input lag or play at 1080p and have frame drops(on which ever games have those issues)


Its a Mix bag, some TVs and Monitors do better then the console, and some will do worst.
For the TV or Monitor, some of the newer units with low input lag scores have better scaling, but this process still cases lag.

Tensho is right, You ether deal with Input lag or drop frames, if timing super critical I go with having dropped frames.
If you want a better picture go with input lag.


Man that’s a rough break. And I’m willing to bet scaling stats don’t exist if you’re researching a new TV.


Well if its brand new as of this year.
Until display lag dot com has more budget or more consumer reports groups adopt their testing were not going to see every display and none of the newest models.