(PS4) "Controller has been disconnected" problem


Hello I am having issues with either my ps4 or pcb, wondering if I could get some assistance with my controller disconnect issue.
I had a brook ps3/ps4 pcb in my arcade stick and it was updated to latest firmware, but I would get controller has been disconnected at random times. I could play for 5 minutes or 40 minutes and eventually would get disconnected controller message. I tried a shorter usb cable and still same issue. I then purchased a brook universal fighting board to replace the old brook pcb, but am still getting disconnect errors. I played with my stick on pc for hours and nothing out of the ordinary happens. So I am not sure where to go from here, both usb ports on the ps4 do the same thing and eventually disconnect the controller after some time. The ps4 is 3 months old and no other devices have trouble with the usb slots.
So I am out of ideas, looking for some info on how to fix this.


is it after 8 minutes of use that it disconnects? there’s been some updates from Sony that bring that issue to Brook and i heard Brook has a new firmware to fix this issue. i don’t own either a PS4 or Brook so hopefully someone more qualified than me can give you a better answer.


sorry was busy with life and could not respond.
to answer your question, it disconnects at randoms times. Sometimes way passed 8minutes and sometimes within 4minutes, it varies. I have updated the firmware on universal pcb, but it still happens. Not sure where it was in tech talk, but someone mentioned they had to use a powered usb hub for ps4 because it was disconnecting for them as well. Ill try playing this weekend and see what happens. thanks


I am experiencing the same on both of my sticks, a new te2+ (not modded) and a dual modded with hori commander 4. I am going to connect it to a powered usb hub as well and see if it continues.


I’ve had the same problem with my dual modded Hori stick.

The solution was to make sure the USB shielding is connected. When I first modded it, I did not reconnect the shielding. Since reconnecting it, I have not has a single disconnect in 2 weeks now.

For those who don’t know, USB has 5 pins. Power (red), Ground (black), Data in (green), Data out (white), AND!!! a 5th “pin”, which is black. This connects to the outer metal mesh layer in the usb cable, and reroutes any extra static to the ps4, rather than just letting it build up in the stick. I noticed that if I rubbed all my buttons with my shirt, the controller would disconnect. This was because I made so much static, that it overloaded the pcb and caused a disconnect.

TL:DR Make sure your usb shielding (different from ground) is connected! It’s important!


I’ve been getting this as well with my previous mods. Apparently PS4 has a tendency to disconnect the controllers. Eventually the dual mods will short out.


interesting CptPuppet, i’ll take a look at this with my soldered brook pcb. But since switching from my old beat-up hori case to a tek-innovations case, I have not had a disconnect this whole week. Though I did not play a long time, but the emi static thing seems plausible.

thanks everyone for the help/replies


Technically according to USB specs there no 5th Pin. The wire braid or “5th wire” as you will goes to the outer metal part of the USB plug.
That outer metal part is connected to ground on most PCs and Consoles.

The Shielding is often connected to ground with in the stick, where the USB cable is wired to the board.
You can protect your stick even further by connecting the metal panels to ground. The Joystick mount screws is a good place to connect a wire to ground the panel.