PS4 Fightstick TE2+ Help! SOLVED!


Hi All

I have been around the fighting community for a long time but just decided to create an account to ask for help on my fightstick.

I bought a display fight stick TE2+ for a good price and when I brought it home to test it out. The “Square” button doesn’t work (top row far left, which would translate to light punch). All the other buttons work.

I popped up the panel and switched the wires to test if the button is faulty but it isn’t. The wire harness for the “Square” button isn’t working. Should I get a new harness or is it the PCB board?

Any ideas on this?
Please help.



Do you have access to a multimeter?


Yes, I do. Should I test out the wire? Or the board?


Test the Wire and the Switch (Button)

Boards can be tested but it requires some knowledge of what to look for.


I am sure the button works because I tried swapping the other wires onto it and it worked.


This is exactly my problem:

Anyone know how to fix this?


FIXED! please close thread


We don’t close threads because they can still serve as reference for others.

So what you should do is post what the problem was and how you solved it.


@kakashi169 can you please post what the issue was on how you fixed it my friend? It may help another user in the future. Thanks.