PS4 Hitbox firmware update problem


I just recently noticed that hitbox arcade has linked a firmware update for stick purchased after the 16th of June. Whenever i try to update my stick, the program never finishes (or starts) the second step. This is what i have done;

  1. Downloaded file from their website ---->
  2. Run program ( regular + as admin)
  3. Held ps + select buttons, plugged in usb
  4. program recognizes the stick is plugged in and proceeds to step two
  5. i wait for 10 minutes holding the buttons and nothing happens

I have done this procedure with 2 brand new computers running windows 10, and a 1 year old mac. I get the same result every time. no error codes, program is responding ( doesn’t show as “program isn’t responding”).
Help is appreciated . Thanks!


Still haven’t heard from Hitbox arcade support. I’m sending emails regularly :frowning: