PS4 Hori VLX keeps getting random disconnects on PS4


My PS4 VLX has started acting up today, it keeps randomly disconnecting. Have you guys had any issues. Any solutions?


I don’t have this problem with my VLX Kuro getting randomly disconnecting. Hopefully is nothing major for you


how long have you had your vlx, and does it get moved around a lot?

the first thing that breaks on most arcade sticks is the USB cable. it stays connected most of the time, but will briefly disconnect (and then reconnect) when the cable’s been moved or agitated by button presses/large movements. eventually the weak point in the cable becomes a break and it stops working entirely.

if this sounds like your situation, it’s fortunately a pretty easy fix. you want to splice in a new cable to replace the portion that’s weak. soldering isn’t necessary, though it does produce a more reliable result.

if you are capable of soldering you might also want to consider just removing the entire cable and installing a new one.

afaik there’s no way to know for sure that your USB cable is the problem until after you’ve fixed it, but unless you left the stick in your car on a hot day or spilled something on it, i’d be confident that the problem is the USB cable.


So I just tried using this on PC, SFV wouldn’t recognize it. Now, I went back to PS4, and yep, the stick is officially dead now. I’ve had this stick for less than a year, but only started using it when SFV came out. What are my options here, I’m not sure if its the USB or the PCB. Should I have the thing gutted and put in a Brooks PCB? The thing that sucks is I use the share button alot and losing touchpad functionality sucks as well. FML.


Hmmm, never mind I’m an idiot. I switched it to PS3 mode, but the issue still remains of the random disconnects on PS4. When I play SFV on PC the stick totally does not work. So I fired up USF4 on PC and the stick was working fine.


did it work on PC before?


It sounds like you didn’t know this, so I’ll let you know: ONLY controllers that use X-input work on SFV for PC as of right now. VLX (and other PS4/PS3 controllers) use D-Input. Capcom has stated that they are working on a fix. It sucks, but I’d hate for you to think there was something wrong with your stick when you are testing it on a game that doesn’t support it. Good luck figuring out the random disconnect problem. Sleazoid sounds like he’s setting you down the right path to recovery though.