[PS4]Madcatz te2 disconnects all the time in USF4! Help!

Does anyone have a fight stick that disconnect after about 30 seconds and at times does not connect at all? Does anyone else have the same or similiar issues? Is there a specific way to connect your fightstick to insure it to connect and stay connected?

Sounds like a problem with the USB cable. Make sure it’s connected to the arcade stick correctly, if still having problems then contact the store you got it from for a replacement.

I had to get a usb hub to get it to work. I am glad i figured it out before street fighter v comes out next week.

Mine doesn’t work at all, it works fine on ps3 and pc but on ps4 it works only with legacy authentication

make sure the PS3/PS4 Mode switch is set to PS4.

It only works with the switch on ps3 mode and legacy authentication if the switch is on ps4 mode it does nothing

Am having the same problem, my te2+ randomly disconnects mid match in sf5, annoying the hell out of me. Any suggestions?