PS4 or PC Mentor and Sparring Buddies!


Hello SRK,

I’m a newish fgc player, I’ve been playing off and on for about a year or two and seriously getting into SF4 within the last few months. I’m getting more consistent wins online now but only against people who don’t know what they are doing. On anyone “higher level” I’m having a hard time. I main Ryu and have played both Ken and Adon before. I’m mostly looking to get solid fundamentals down to take into SFV when it comes out so I play mostly Ryu but am also looking to learn more of the cast at a later point.

I’m USA East and have a changing work schedule but I’m looking for a mentor to help me with match up knowledge, optimizing my Ryu, and learning more about the game as a whole. Sparring partners also welcome if you don’t feel like teaching but just want someone to go head to head with on the East coast. Msg me here or in my inbox and I’ll add you on PS4 or PC whichever you choose. I prefer PS4 if you have both but I don’t mind PC at all.



We have sections for online matchmaking…


I’m not gonna say I’m super good at the game, but I have played a lot so I can help with matchups for most of the cast, with a few exceptions. Add me on steam if you wanna play, username is Saucy Snake.


thanks geese pants. I saw that but wasn’t sure if it was the right place to post about mentoring