PS4 / Padhack Issue (Help Please)


Quick question to see if anyone has had a problem with this.

I padhack’d a PS4 Dualshock controller and it works fine with the PS4 in the menus. Go to start a game (let’s say Ultra Street Fighter 4 or Skullgirls), and the controller doesn’t respond to anything while in the game except for Home and Share. So I can hit the Home button which puts me back into XMB menu and I can control everything. Hit the Home button again to go back to the game, and nothing responds except for Home and Share.

Now, if I hold down Home, turn off the controller, and then hit the Home button again (to reconnect the controller, never unplugging it from USB port), I can now play the game normally and everything functions normally.

It’s not a huge deal where I have to boot up a game, immediately turn off my controller and back on and then it’s fine, but curious what the problem could be. Not sure if it’s battery related (since there isn’t a battery anymore, or what). Hoping someone might know what’s up.


throw it out and use an FC4

seriously though, sounds like maybe your 4p and 4k are held down.
Can you not use directionals either?


To be honest the PS4 Dualshock is one of the harder PS4 controllers to pad hack


I can’t check at this moment, but will as soon as I get back home. But I don’t think they are being held down. After turning the controller off and back on and going into practice mode on Ultra Street Fighter 4, all 8 buttons are working normally.

Again this only happens right as the game boots up. So the problem is most games I have want you to push the Start or X button to proceed to a menu. So I can’t check up, down, left, right. So I hold down the Home button, turn off the controller and back on, and then all is well.


maybe your power/ground is loose on either the pad or the inverter board


Yeah it looks like it thought one of the buttons were being held down. But was so strange because after turning the power off and back on, and then going into practice mode, all the buttons worked perfectly fine. So I don’t know. That was strange.

Thanks Vicko for the first suggestion.