PS4 Players Met List


Can someone please tell me why on PS4 every time I play someone derpy that I want to invite to an endless lobby and learn their gimmicks, they don’t show up on my ‘players met’ list so they’re gone forever unless I go back into my replays and actually type in their name. I’ve even tested it after other random matches and the person I just played shows up. Is the ‘players met’ list that broken and its a crazy coincidence that it happens when I play idiots or is there a way to block yourself from showing up on other peoples lists and the people that rely on gimmicks are just sick of getting invites?


As far as the players met function… yes its busted and only works like half the time. Not sure why that is, it seems like a pretty straightforward feature


Because Sony


Yea, they can’t even figure out how to allow psn name changes