PS4 Pro and the new Xbox


edit: sorry i forgot people don’t like others expressing their opinions. To the guy right below. My point was that there will be games that will have features I can’t access on my PS4 vanilla and need a pro to use. Thus I’m not able to play the full game. Please delete this thread though. This isn’t the place for this convo.


PS4 is and will remain a “unified” platform. There won’t be any games that work exclusively on the PRO or vice versa.
Do your research before you make a thread.


I like my White PS4 destiny edition. I personally don’t think the upgrade is worth it. I don’t have a 4K TV and I like to play my games on a gaming monitor with fast response time. As long as both models can play the same games, I don’t have a problem with Sony releasing a more powerful version.

I do agree that this gen sucks with all the incomplete games being released, pre-order bonuses, DLC, pay for early access. I choose to vote with my wallet. As I’m getting older, I no longer lose sleep over gaming related stuff.


So you rather them release a Playstation 5 and slowly drop support for the 4 forcing you to buy the 5 over time to stay up to date and buy games that are only on the 5(pretty much like the PS3/4 right now with a lot of newer games)
Or have a PS4 and PS4 Pro that games will always work on both, have crossplay and if you ever decide to get the Pro your old library will still work and many games will look and run even better than before. Also this method they are going by will extend PS4’s life many more years(even if it won’t look or run as good as the Pro)

As for the new Xbox I have no clue and don’t care about that console. B)


see 1st post


If you define better graphics as “features” then i guess youre right, but from a functionality pov ps4 og will be 100% compatible. I’m a pc player and im pretty happy about it, since this means pc ports will get more optimized codepaths for higher settings. For example im curious to see if the checkerboard rendering ends up beeing an option on pc eventually.