PS4 SFV Beta Fund. Last Day. Giveaways for SFV beta

Twitter: @DevilJin01
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PREFACE: There’s no requirement to donate. I want everyone that watches to simply have a good time. Its just if you do donate there are some incentives and prizes.

Assuming there will be no issues with streaming the SFV beta…

I want to start a fund to stream SFV beta for you guys everyday after it releases on the 23rd. Be a nice way to jump start myself into the game after Evo and be a way for us to figure out tech and strats for the characters live on stream. Unless Viper or Urien gets announced I will most likely be maining Chun Li and playing Cammy and Ryu on the side.

I’ll be streaming KI and 3rd Strike everyday until Evo. I’ll be taking donations which you can donate via paypal by clicking the link under the stream profile. Usually will be streaming in the night after 7PM EST during weekdays and at random spots during weekends. Basically raising money to buy a PS4 and the game.

Already have 75 bucks to start with and there will be different things set up for the viewers depending on how much is donated.

**300 dollars donated = I buy a PS4 and SFV beta.

450 dollars donated = Giveaway of MKX for Xbox One and SFV for PS4 (get value of the game)

BONUS: First person that I recognize from the SRK SFV forums to donate 40 dollars personally gets SFV beta. Effectively giving you 20 dollars off. **

Hope to see you all on stream and hope to give out some SFV beta codes for the people who already have PS4s.

I dont understand… You want us to donate money to you so you can buy a ps4 and sfv?

Thats the short of it, yes. Of course remember that there there is no requirement to donate. I want everyone to have fun in the stream even if they donate 0 dollars.

Im already buying the PC version of the game as I already bought a new computer. Its just the pc beta is a long while away and im trying to get as much playtime of the game in as I can. So starting stream fund to get things going.

This might be new to some people, but competitive players do this on their streams to help build money to go to tournaments. For those that do donate there are rewards as things accumulate. Otherwise just stop by and have fun.

Wow, I’ve had people suggest I start a gofundme for me to upgrade my PC for SF5 since I doubt I’ll be able to run it for at least a year after its out due to finances being so tight (especially with my mom being in and out of the hospital so much in the last year). My computer effectively being ~6-7 years old now and I know I’d actively be doing stuff like frame checking/data gathering/wiki updating like I do for SF4 that would help the whole community extensively. I still don’t have the guts to actually ask people for money. I still feel awkward after @otori sent me his old Radeon 6700 when my video card completely died earlier this year.

Props to you at least for that much. I don’t think I’d have the ability to ask for something like this, I have enough trouble asking for someone to spot me for something out of a vending machine.

Omg, you guys I just got a brilliant idea… We could start a global campaign to make sure no man, woman, or child, goes to bed hungry (for SFV) at night. If we just work together, we can bring about a new age of enlightenment (Illuminatuuuu!) and solve world hunger (for Street Fighter) forever! WORLD (WARRIOR) PEACE!

Everyone donate now!!!

I’m not mocking you, I wish you the best of luck! I hope you succeed, even! I just don’t think I’d ever have the blanka balls to do it myself unless like I was sure I had a chance and even then I’d feel sort of obligated to those people for like… ever.

Sorry to hear about your struggle. If you ever do a gofundme let me know so I can donate. Never be afraid to ask for assistance. And yeah, even at my job im regularly that guy spotting people at the vending machine even when I dont have much money myself. Sometimes you get paid back, sometimes its a donation lol.

This is essentially just a thing im doing to have people hang with me on stream. Stream donating is probably a new thing to people who don’t regularly watch game streams, but its a rather common thing on twitch.

I dont mind people being adverse to this. No requirement to donate and its just something im trying out for the community. Ill be going out on twitter and other places also to get word out.

Listen I wish you all the best in achieving your goals but rationally speaking, helping someone get a ps4 and a video game isn’t a priority on my list of things to do with my hard earned cash. What little money I have left over that I could donate to help others (and I do) each month I donate to people who actually truly need it. You know, to survive. I just find it strange if someone actually donates to you, because their view of reality must be so distorted to not use that money to help people in need. You sir are in want, not in need of a PS4 and SFV.

You already said you are getting the game for PC, but because you can’t wait a few more months you actually want people to buy it (and the console it is on) for you. You don’t think there is something strange about this? Maybe a audacious too?

If I may impart on you wisdom, you sir do not need SFV on PS4, you sir need a reality check, some patience, and to be grateful for you have. Sorry if I am coming off as abrasive, I mean well and I really wish you all the best.

I agree with this, even though in my opinion online donations to streamers are actually alright, since you know it’s like playing an instrument on the street and getting people to listen and throw some cash in for your work.
Then again if I’d ever donate to a streamer, I’d fucking make sure it is someone who’s actually good at the game or someone I personally like.

I’d also wouldn’t give a guy on the streets any money who stands there with a xylophone having a sign that says “Give me money so I can buy an e-guitar”.

Betcha if it were someone more well known that DevilJin you’d all be scrambling to your Paypal accounts.

Hell fucking no…only time I donated was to help those in NEED.

This is clearly not a NEED.

Nah man, but for those wondering:

Ps4 is equal to a radeon r7 260. Sf5 requires a 250 to do 1080p 30fps on ultra settings[no AA of course]

Ps4 does the game at 1080p 60 fps[They do AA now?] constant but not sure if it’s on ultra settings or some high some ultra etc.

If you provide good and entertaining content, I’ll have no problems donating. Plus, I like watching 3rd Strike. KI might make me want to kill myself though.

Source? Was the SF5 requirements posted and PC version tested already?


This sounds like bullshit considering that, as a fighting game, a SFV will never be playable at anything lower than 60fps. Anything below will simply be unplayable.

I have a 4ghz AMD with 8GB ram and a 960 gtx graphics card. Think id be able to visually and frame rate wise run the game as well or better than the ps4 version or would I just be better off with the ps4 version?

Don’t know why so many disagreed with this comment - He spoke truth!
If it were … Justin Wong - you’d be scrambling for your paypal.

GTX 960 should be fine to run it, he’ll I’m running Ultra SF on a 560 ti with default settings.

Why would I money for Justin Wong to buy a PS4 and SFV?

Let him use the money he makes off tourney wins…or ask his sponsors to hook him up with one.

Maybe it applies for gullible stream-monsters…but not everyone here is one.