PS4 SFV Beta Fund. Last Day. Giveaways for SFV beta

Great thing about j wong is hes so Hollywood on twitch that they give him money just for being him. He can just be at a random point of streaming a game and money comes through the door.

This is just something im throwing out there so I can be a streamer for you guys and lab stuff up during the beta. If you donate great. If not still come by and enjoy.

I should be streaming in another hour so definitely come through. Ill post to notify and from here until evo edit the front page to make it visible that I am live

I don’t see why you need a PS4 if you have it on PC with cross play. Seems like you just tryna get a ps4, the SFV is a bonus. I’m not saying that is your intention and you clearly stated no donation are required (obviously), but that’s how it comes off. Good luck either way, I’ll probably tune in when I have nothing to do.

As for the celeb status take my money, @d3v , no way in hell I would. I have seen it first hand though. Max’s channel I see donation wars of people trying to one up donations 100 bucks at a time along with 2k donations etc. More power to Max though, can’t hate on him for taking people’s money.

Edit: It’s funny people donate to the one’s with sponsors getting paid already, winning tournaments, but the one’s who are great unsponsored players get little love outside a few like Bronxpuertorock.

He is trying to get the PS4 version so he can stream the beta that is coming earlier than the PC beta.

I’ve never donated to a streamer and I can’t see myself donating here, though if I had money I could see myself tossing a fiver his way just cause I like DJ and since he’s one of the first with balls enough to ask for money in this manner in this specific forum.

Back when I was still making money I lucked out and bought both an xbone and a ps4. And I like both systems alot. So I can see someone wanting to have a ps4.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing for DJ to ask for help/money from people willing to give out help/money. As long as he isn’t being a prat about it, and he surely isn’t, then I don’t see what the fuss is. Go over to his channel and watch some games and donate, or watch and don’t donate. He isn’t begging or forcing people’s hands. He is being very polite with his request.

Your computer

My computer

/totally not jealous

LOL I guess your computer just has the basics. Power button and internet browser.

**OK guys I’m LIVE doing late night stream.
Got home a bit late but starting now. Gonna stream KI tonight for 2 or 3 hours then tomorrow I’m going to look into streaming 3rd Strike if I can. Have only done console streams with my El Gato HD 60 so hopefully it’s pretty seamless for Fightcade streaming. I’ll let you guys know tomorrow after I set it up.

Ill jump on it a bit to watch gotta call the wife or she’ll kill me #deployedlife

Pretty much. Meets most my needs though, at least most of the time… for now.

3.2ghz dual core E8500
4gb DDR2 Ram
Radeon 6700 1gb

When I record SF4 videos for frame counting with hitbox viewer I need to record it at 240p lol.

I wouldn’t but the fact is he is right for a lot of the people out there. Look at r/kappa for an example. They put together a lot of money to send specific players to events. Then there are top players who do stuff like raffle off the sticks they win and sometimes end up making 2-4x the cost of the stick. Or even well known players who just have twitch subscriptions on top of having a donate thing on their stream.

Lol this thread…
Short Answer: Hell no.

If I had a dollar for every DevilJin post.

Edit: Doesn’t this thread count as soliciting? Isn’t that against the rules? I mean what’s going to stop anybody else from making a clone post of this one?

You got my vote DevilJin. You got balls man, I respect that part of your proposition. I’ll donate next time you play some 3S. It all comes back around to us anyway, karma-ers.

I am a random fool with no sources at all.

a 280x is basically 4k territory at this point, albeit in a very unstable 13-37 fps range on low settings.[unplayable by certain standards]
Then again, ps4’s always an option at 1080p 60fps with possible aa this time around. 2x at least, at the very least 2x.

Although I’m quite curious to how the stuff coming out next year will perform in comparison to what’s already here.
Only reason I’m upgrading this little Amd is because of sf5, and I’m positive modded skyrim is going to kill my machine.

Come to think of it I’m waiting for that one graphics card that would run anything at the exact same resolution no matter what game it is.
A card that could run anything period, at 4k 60fps. and once I find a card like that, using it on games at 1080p.
Yes I know, very stupid looking for a 4k card just to run it at 1080p for no reason. What benefit would that possibly have, lol.

Thanks man. Just doing this really more for the people to have someone from SRK regularly stream the game and give myself a chance to really grind the beta. I was just going to wait for the PC beta with the money I have, but gonna be a long wait and I’d really like a bit of help from the community to get the PS4 version to play and stream for you guys. I only play fighting games so the PS4 would literally be sitting in dust after the beta until the game releases next year. The option is there and people on twitch have regularly made things like this possible. Some people think it’s weird, but it is what it is. You can still come and watch either way.

I was going to stream 3rd Strike tonight but I’ll have to postpone it till hopefully tomorrow since fightcade seems to be acting up even though I downloaded the files. I’ll let you know later today.

Streaming 3rd Strike now. First time doing this so im streaming from the monitor instead of fightcade itself till I figure it out. Hopefully it works for today. Streaming till probably midnight EST cya there.

I love those Black lines

And you too :stuck_out_tongue:

Man those black lines are too stronk. I realize where they come from now though. I just remembered that the game always makes those lines before a round starts, but I guess fightcade fucks up and keeps them on the screen.

Thanks to all that watched and played on the stream including Alexisdabomb. Nice Alex. He was doing some crazy ass super jump in super stuff, but his meaty normal/grab game had me guessing. Had to really play patient and not commit to parries to keep from getting stunned.

Most likely going to be streaming KI tomorrow, but will try to get some 3S in there.

You wouldn’t believe the number of dudes I catch with whiff jump in and SA2.

Doing a quick KI stream tonight. Probably just for an hour. Will be doing longer stream tomorrow and hopefully earlier around 7 or 8 PM EST


**300 dollars donated = I buy a PS4 and SFV beta.

450 dollars donated = Giveaway of MKX for Xbox One and SFV for PS4 (get value of the game)

Hopefully I see some of you guys at Evo. Be playing lots of KI and SFV. May end up playing more SFV than KI even really.