PS4 SFV Not Updating After Maintenance


Hi All,
Since the Urien update and maintenance took place on 9-22-16, I have not been able to install the update. It keeps saying “cannot download update file 1.06” once the patch gets to 3% downloaded . Is this happening for anyone else?

Keep in mind I have not purchased any DLC packs.

I can still play the game offline (stating that it’s playing version 1.07).

My latest attempt to take care of the issue is deleting the game from my PS4 and trying to reinstall it. I’ll let you all know if that helps.


Are you having trouble with the PSN update or the ingame one ?

The ingame one should be 1.08 IIRC.


Yeah I would go ahead and delete/reinstall.


If it is the " in game " update then i had that fixed once by downloading the update from a different connection. This might possibly be a more of Network issue.


Thanks for all the responses.

The problem was with the game itself, not psn, cause i could play other games online and run other apps online.

After deleting the game on my PS4 and reinstalling, it updated and is now running fine.


Yup, that always does the trick