PS4 TE2 - Clear Top Panel Question + How to make TE2 stick feel more "solid" in general

Hey All - recently got the standard blue PS4 TE2 so I had a stick compatible with the SFV beta. Couple of quick questions.

1 - I went ahead and removed the super thin “clear top panel” as it didn’t fit “exactly” to the buttons so it would slid around during play a bit which was annoying. Curious if this would have any ill effect on the standard artwork/remaining top piece? It looks to be sealed up pretty well/coated over with some type of protection. Has anyone else removed the cheap super thin plastic top panel? I don’t plan on adding artwork in the near term.

2 - Any suggestd mods (other then stuffing some stuff inside the empty space) to make this stick feel a bit more solid? I noticed when compared to my OG TE1 on PS3 (original production run) when I slam on the buttons a bit more, the TE2 just feels a bit flimsy/ I can feel vibration more. The stick def. feels hollow where my first TE1 felt more like a brick (in a good way). Anyone else notice this? Have any ideas to fix? Thinking of stuffing some socks in the wire holder on the right side.

Thanks for all the input!

The TE2 is what it is. You can try to put bandaids here and there and tweak this and that but it’s pretty much going to feel how it feels now. Better plexi from is a good start to modding it but beyond that there aren’t many mods that will make a TE2 feel as solid as a TE1. It’s a clamshell and that alone makes it less solid than most non-clamshell cases.

Definitely get the tek plexi. Also, just a tip, the TE2 top has some pretty strong hinges. This causes the top to not sit flush with the side and makes it feel more flimsy than it would be. If you close the top by putting pressure on the hinges side, it well sit more flush with the sides and will somewhat reduce flimsiness. Another solution to this same problem is to loosen the hinges, but that is not really desirable for me, personally. Other than that, there is no other way to reduce flimsiness, as far as I know.