PS4 + two MadCatz TES2+ weirdness w/ PS button: PS4 bug?


Is anyone running two TES2+ sticks with their PS4? We’re noticing the following weirdness:

If we start the PS4 with only the two sticks connected (no gamepads), only one of the TES2+ sticks can actually log in as a user. Pushing the PS button on the 2nd stick will cause the P1 user (blue) to simply jump to the 2nd stick. The 1st stick’s user light then goes dark. Push the 1st stick’s PS button and the P1 user will jump back to the 1st stick.

If I start with a PS4 gamepad as P1 (blue) and then push PS on one of the TES2+ sticks I can get a P2 (red). I can then even start the 2nd TES2+ as P3 (green). However, SFV only supports P1 and P2, so I then have to push the PS button on the 2nd TES2+ stick to log in as the P2 (red) user.

This doesn’t seem to be working like it should. Perhaps there is a PS4 SW bug? Anyone else notice this?


Yes, it’s a known issue with the current PS4 firmware.


  • Turn on console
  • Press PS button on Stick1 --> Auto-log into main profile (we’ll call Profile1)
  • Press PS button again, Switch user, log into secondary profile (we’ll call Profile2)
  • Press PS button on Stick2 --> Auto-logs into Profile1

Stick1 is logged in as Profile2, and Stick2 is logged into Profile1.