PS4 vs PC - Pros/Cons


My friends and I have been racking our brains trying to decide which version of SFV to buy. I didn’t see anything on here about it so I thought it’d be nice to post a breakdown of pros/cons for each.

PS4 SFV Pros
[] Will likely be the tournament standard
] More easily found used (eventually)
[] US price drop on PS4 console confirmed
] Potential for Playstation Plus benefits (skins, colors, etc.)
[] Easier to transport vs. a PC tower
] Can be traded or sold used
[] While it will require Playstation Plus for online multiplayer, it comes with 60 free games a year and discounts on others
] Gameshare beneficial to TOs

PS4 SFV Cons
[] Will likely require Playstation Plus membership to play online (®plus-membership-and-ps4™-online-play)
] Unconfirmed if PS3 sticks will work. If not, padhack/dual-mod, Brooks converter or a new stick is needed
[*] 1080 streaming/capture requires an external USB capture card

[] Potential for mods
] Potential to look better and load faster than on a PS4
[] More easily found new for less than $60 (Green Man Gaming recently had it for $45 preorder)
] More portable than PS4 if built for that purpose (Laptop, Steam Machine)
[] No monthly/annual fee for online multiplayer
] 1080 streaming and game capture is easier (Overlays, multiple feeds, commentary, etc.)
[] Potential for extra training tools (dummy actions)
] Family share and offline mode beneficial to TOs

[] A new gaming PC to play the game costs more than a PS4 (
] Since tournament standard will likely be PS4, 360/XB1 sticks that can be used on PC won’t be able to be used. Will require padhack/dual-mod, Brooks converter or a new PS4 stick.
[] Capcom’s track record of PC support has been spotty (SFxT) However, SFV is NOT a port.
] Possibly region-locked
[*] More equipment for a TO to worry about if tournament’s games are on PS4

I personally have a gaming pc, but will need to upgrade the graphics card to meet the recommended settings. That puts me in a weird predicament because the cost of a new graphics card is about the same as a PS4. I already have a TE2 PS3/PS4 so I’m covered in that regard no matter which option.

Any other pros/cons I’m missing or anything that needs revising?

Merged: What reasons are there to not get SFV on PC?

I will play on PC since I don’t have a PS4 and got a X360/PC madcatz stick. I bought SF5 from GMG at the same price as you.

The problem as a PC player is that the tournament standard will be PS4 as you said.


One thing to keep in mind is Capcom’s history for PC support. Their support on PC hasn’t been the best. Fixes would come late and some cases support would drop altogether (SFxT).


Anyway, I won’t spend 550$ in a PS4 + SF5 + Stick having a good PC. I hope they will do a great job with both platforms (PC & PS4).


If you’re playing at home most of the time or can’t afford PSN, PC is good.

Otherwise I would go with PS4 version if you’re regularly going to tourneys. PC version should be the same parity wise as the PS4, but if an issue comes up at least you’ll have the tournament standard ready to go.

Not a big graphics person so graphics won’t bother me. Not like the textures are going to help me win a tournament match any easier. There is the issue with PS4 not being PS3 compatible yet, but I see Capcom caving into that pretty soon and already explained they will announce more on the controller compatibility thing in the future.


I’m gonna get both versions of the game. Having brought Capcom’s past PC titles it’s something I felt it should be brought up. To their credit, their PC ports are usually well optimized.


They also didn’t commit to PC with any other game like they have to this one. Stating it’ll be a simultaneous release and making sure it has functional crossplay means they have no choice but to keep up with it.


Hopefully complete parity between PC and PS4 also means patches and DLC. We’ll see.


Would be pretty bad if it wasn’t always crossplay, I’m sure they will keep up with the patches and DLC on time, it’s not a mess like it was with SFIV running at different speeds and ports.


Just a tip for all PC players wanting to go to tourneys, Madcatz’s Tournament Edition 2 PS4 Fightsticks are compatible with PC as well. So if you are looking to game on your PC and then head to an arcade for a local, no need to buy two sticks!!!


All my PS4 sticks are plug n play with my PC, Hori VLX, TE2, HRAP V4 Kai


I will get it for both platforms anyway.

But for me, being able to use mods is not really an advantage because real talk: most of them suck (who the f wants to give Chun smaller thighs, why would you do that? I already cringe when I think about all the stuff that they will do to my gurl Mika).

The one and only thing I give them credit for are the costumes, they are pretty good. But only you can see them, if I look fancy, I want everyone to see it. =P


I will have a great problem when tournaments begins around my country, having a MadCatz Fightstick PRO for X360/PC. Maybe I’ll consider to sell it in a year to get a PS4 one.

I have to get another one anyway xD


Also for streaming and game capture the PC version has more advantages, without the need to buy external USB capture cards like with PS4


My only thing about the PC players is this
People who cheat like ToolAssited and a Bot-Sakura I played just the other day which landed full bar flawless combos 5 fights straight, not even Chris G or Alex Meyers lands them like that especially online.
Script programs or whatever these people are using need to be banned.

BF4 and other shooters have Aim-bot detection and kick/ban players for it so CFN needs something similar.


This isn’t the PS3, you don’t need capture cards to stream or capture video, its built right in.

Now I believe the PS4 only captures in 720, so if you want more then that you would need a card but out the box it does those things for you.

I may get both, I really wish there was a mac steam version so I didn’t have to run boot camp. I will primarily play on PS4 but it would be nice to have both versions.


I’ve seen ToolAssisted work on XB360 and PS4 as well.


Yeah they need to do something like this


Don’t know about anyone else, but Toolassisted uses a programmable controller. That can be done on any platform.

Never heard of serious cheating as an actual problem outside of the leaderboards. Actually messing with your position or whatever would just produce a desync in most cases. More paranoia than anything.


PC ran at the most arcade accurate speed though.

If PC lets us switch controllers on the fly the only reason even tourneys should be using PS4 is corporate sponsorship.

If you’re playing at home PC is a no-brainer, no one should be paying the idiot tax to use their own internet connection for P2P gameplay.

That’s what we need, hundreds of thousands of wifi players with 200+ ping trying to stream while playing online.