Sorry if there is already a thread on this subject.

I haven’t played the PS4 version of USF4, and I own the game on PC.

Is there a great difference between the two? Maybe there’s an input-lag test that includes the newly released PS4 version alongside the already-tested Xbox360, PS3 and PC releases?

With the PC version essentially being the arcade-perfect port, I hope the PS4 version mimcs that as closely as it possibly could, but I don’t know as I haven’t tried it on PS4 yet.

Don’t waste your money.

PC for me is the best all around.

I’m not looking for purchase it, but the darn tournaments are on consoles instead of PC, so that’s why I’m wondering what to expect in terms of input-lag difference.

I believe the PS4 and PC version are the same speed. PS3 about 1 frame slower and Xbox360 1 frame faster.

There are threads about this that have better details though.

Input lag on the PS4 is not an issue, but other things are. Faulty leaderboards, in-game slowdown, stage FPS variants.

Dodgy port, avoid.

From experience PC has a bit of frame drop in the game then ps4

Its fine if you play on training stage only… every other stage makes me want to sell my PS4.