PS4/XboxOne stick for $120 mark? (for kof14)


Im set on sticks for now, but my brother is looking for a stick to play KOF and to use when he picks up a XboxOne. Are there any decent sticks in the $120 mark range that will play on both systems? I know i can mod a stick with a brooks board, but hes looking for something he can just buy and play with now. The only thing ive seen is the Mayflash F3000 but that thing looks so small. But it will be in his price range once he drops in a jlf and some buttons.
LMK if there are any promotional things happening soon too if possible, i dont keep up with sticks since i dont need any.


Can anyone confirm if these work with the legacy driver on KOF 14
-ps3 cthulhu board
-ps2 to ps3 inpin (i have both versions if that matters)


theres no sticks that work on both systems out of the box. The mayflash requires passthrough of a ps4 pad and doesnt have sanwa parts iirc.
Imho your best bet would be buying a used madcatz TE or something for 50 ish and a brook UFB for 90 . Including parts youd be looking at a cost of ±150 but atleast youd have a stick with sanwa parts and proper ps4/xbone suport.


ah, ok, didnt know it used passthrough for the ps4 pad, good to know. and yeah i know it doesnt come with sanwa hardware thats why i was accounting an additional $50 ontop of the price of his stick.
Thanks, Brooks is the way to go, ill let him know. I figured that was the case but doesnt hurt to double check


This is my goal too OP, i bought two sub $30 joysticks which I’m going to replace the joystick, buttons and PCB in.
As anying with dual console compatibility is going to need to be PCB replaced, might as well cut as many unneeded costs as possible IMO.