PSA: Dashing

How do you dash when you play Brawl?

For me, for the longest time: Forward forward.
My friend, who owns the game and has played all the previous incarnations: Forward forward.

If you answered Forward forward then you are also doing it wrong.

To dash, you do a “Smash” forward.

(For instance, do the Mario “big fist” but then NOT press A.)

(Every game dashes with forward forward, doesn’t it? MegaMan…SF…even KOF.) (Not MK I guess.)

am I the only one wondering what this thread is doing here?

Nope, especially since we have a General Brawl discussion thread.

Whoa what the hell is this? Is posting the instruction booklet really necessary? GTFO


EDIT: 2000 member? Double WTF.