PSA: Equifax hacked


Just doing a PSA if you happen to have/had a US credit card. Review this super useful reddit thread on what to do.



One of the gems from this fiasco is that in order to see if you were affected, you have to go onto their site. If you do this, they make you sign an agreement to give up the right to sue in a class-action lawsuit. Shit is shameless.

Glad the NY attorney general is already taking them to task.


These credit reporting agencies have slipped past regulation for far too long; Congress and the SEC needs to drop a hammer on all of them. Given the recent news of Equifax; I’m willing to bet TransUnion and Experian will not beef up their security efforts. They will probably keep doing the same ole shit and risking everyone’s information because they want to save some money.

Great story on these crooks:


They should be under government control imo


Fuckin directors dump their stocks days before official press release and they knew about this end of July… Heads need to roll on this. This shit is not like the yahoo/Sony/Target etc; its identity thieves’ wet dream. This is going to be a shit show for a long-ass time.


Suddenly feel justified not having a credit card for the last 10 years.


Hope you enjoy buying a car with 55% financing.


At this point, it’s better than having some “Russian hacker” selling his SSN on the darknet, lol…

The funny part is she is a Music Majour. Round of applause!

The site checking shit is BS and your better off monitoring your credit and shit. Legally; even though using the site says it voids your claim to legal action it wont stand in court. Though the amount of damage this caused and the worth of the company it will be bankrupt and no one gets shit.



if you have any kind of debt then you have a credit record.
you don’t need a credit card to build credit.


Dont hate on CC. Just know to pay them off every month and not go overboard with them. Fuck paying interest.


Well fuck… there’s about 66Million people in Great Britain.

Are we blaming the Russians or the North Koreans this time? We need to get our story straight.


But it’s the easiest way to build credit. Debit cards don’t build credit and if you’re in NY, getting an apartment without credit or thousands of dollars in security is nearly impossible.

That’s not including other types of loans, services, etc.


Another downside to living in awful New York.


That’s in any market in the US. But I guess you don’t need to live near job centers when you clean toilets so.


Except I live near job centers paying less then 650 in rent for a 2 bedroom house with a backyard and didnt need a credit check to qualify. Don’t clean toilets either.

But keep on losing Raz0r with your shitty apartment for over a grand that keeps trying to push you out due to gentrification. N.Y. sounds just great.


I live in a luxury apartment with a friend and have a multi-year lease. Wtf?


In New York? Please.


I figured one baseless assumption deserved another.