PSa: New firmware for Samsung js9000 series gives 0ms input lag!


Firmware 1219 for the Samsung JS9000 series (suhd 4k tv ) in pc mode has 0ms Input Lag!!!

I just bought the 55js9000 yesteray and used my Leo Bodnar input lag tester on it with firmware 1209. Game mode got 22.8ms and pc mode got 42.2ms.

I then decided to update the firmware of the tv to 1219 and retest the lag. Game mode stayed the same but pc mode went to 0ms!!! This is with UHD Color on!!!

Before people say my lag tester is broken or something, its not. I had tried this 30 times now to confirm and went back and forth between game and pc mode.

I have tested about 40 tvs with this lag tester and about 15 pc monitors. This is the lowest lag test I have ever seen! The second lowest was the Samsung s24d590pl which got 9.3ms on the middle bar and the Benq BL3201pt which got 10.2ms.

In the end even with numbers I was in shock so I tried some of my most frame intensive games for input like sf3 third strike and burnout paradise. To my amazement these games felt like playing on a crt when it comes to input responsiveness!!

Below is the pic on firmware 1219 in pc mode with 0ms input lag and then a photo of game mode and the lag it gets.

PC Mode UHD color on:

Game mode UHD color on:

Ready for SFV :slight_smile:

New Evo standard?

This is where “You get what you pay for” really shines.

Actually that’s pretty much negative lag when compared to a CRT.

If you actually bother to test an actual CRT like I have you’d find that the bottom bar gives you around 15ms. This is due to how CRT’s draw the image on the screen going from the top left to the bottom right. And it takes 16.6 ms for it to accomplish that. Presumably with a different drawing style they have found a way to get the bottom to be displayed in 0 ms. Either way this could introduce a different problem for players. A display updating the information too quickly. So now players have to play “faster” to not get thrown off by your negative lag display.

Either way save that firmware file. There is no telling if in a future fireware update that they’ll reintroduce lag in PC mode. Or future models come with a higher fireware which has lag and would need to be downgraded to the lag free version.

can we get some naysayers to test this out

How does that lag tester work?

But what if 0ms became the new standard? We can actually surpass CRTs.

CRTs are basically 0ms. Analog technology has no processing time.
The input delay comes from the time spent with image post processing.

Can someone explain how with the upscaling of HDTVs this is even possible? I thought all HDTVs were doomed to have lag for this reason.

Seems to be the update reduce much of the image post processing.
PC mode already bypass much of this post processing on most HD TVs

Most input delay comes from post-processing, but there are other delays. When you start getting into very small response times, they become more and more relevant. For example, with NTSC-Composite video the screen takes almost a full frame length to draw the entire screen, so the bottom right is updated about 15ms after the top left is. Most of our digital video protocols don’t inherently have this issue, because the signal transfer rate isn’t tied to the monitor refresh rate. If we can cut post-processing down enough, an LCD wouldn’t beat the 0ms delay that a CRT has in the top left, but it can have the entire screen updated faster than a CRT would.

Which begs the question. Due to the inherent lag due to the length of time it takes to draw the frame on a CRT. It would almost be better to flip the CRT upside down and use a program to rotate the image 180 degrees. That way the health bars in fighting games would update last, and the action would update first. It almost seems backwards for fighting games that naturally the health bars update first, and the action last due to the order that CRT’s draw the image on the screen. I know several CPS2 boards had the option to flip the screen 180 degrees, so that would have been an option back then.

Sent a tweet to DisplayLag to see if they can test this as well.

Wasn’t that because when rotating monitors to and from taté position, you could sometimes end up with an upside down monitor?

I wonder if this will be the same for other models like Samsung JU7500, which was also low on input lag. Samsung really brought it this year.

I’m not sure why they allowed that option in the service menu. Swapping jamma PCBs from tated game to a regular game could explain that.

This like the cure for herpes, but better.

Too glossy , i prefer the SHARP LC-60D20 , one of first if is not the first UHD TV 0 ms Lag.

But with ghosting time at 11 ms , not good to watch movies…i don’t know about the Samsung.

I wanna see more testing sources before I blow my load… I mean, cash.

But do they have amazing response time and low motion blur? I would trade a 0ms LCD with medicore ms/motion blur for a 10-12ms with ultra low ms LCD, even the best TN panels bother me compared to a CRT.

probably takes 0.0ms for that tv to draw gigantic 2 color pixelated letters, or a giant ass white rectangle. But a 60 FPS HD modern fighting game? I think your tv will take a bit longer to draw that lol.

You don’t seem like the type but try to do 1frame & 2 frame combos and let us know how it goes pls…