PSA - really sick deal on San Jose Craigslist (DC stuff)

30 bucks for a DC, 2 controllers, VMU and 2 green goblins. I don’t know the person selling it so I recommend you test the shit out first if you plan on buying it.

holy fuck that is a nice deal. i wouldnt even test the shit out.

Hmm… it just happen to say its NOT ok to contact this person with services or other commercial interests… Good deal tho…

buy it. you can sell the agetec shells for over 30 alone.

I just sent an email. Probably got snagged up quick though.

Thanks for the heads up.

i hate deals like this cuz the guy doesnt put his phone number up. with my experience on craigslist if they dont put a price in the description sometimes the price is different. they just put some outrageous price to get attention.

hope someone picks it up at this price tho.

looks like its deleted already.