PSA's for my Youtube Show

O.K. If you didn’t know by now I’m doing a show on youtube, because I wanna try to branch into something new. (Honestly I’m on some old Pinky and the Brian: "It’s time to take over the world NEGRO INSTALL sh!t.)

So, I was thinking about videogame and anime PSAs (Public Service Announcements) some thing like my avatar but on a bigger scale! Just as long as it is witty, artisic, and just enough to make people want pause the show just to see the piece!

I’m kinda :wasted:drunk:wasted: right now, because I just came from the club so bare with me…

Guidelines: (Subject to change when I sober up)
A. The same rules apply for Image Mixmash. Will be applied these submissions as well
B. I’ll be trying to do this show weekly, so there be a theme for a particular week.
C. 640 x 480 is a good size, because if your submission is too small it will be warped when someones goes full screen.
D. When you want to submit something for the show post it here or just pm it to me. If chosen you will be in the credits.

Anyway here is one that I’m using now and a possible…


NEW POPULAR ADVISE Episode! [media=youtube]N2_wBpdUGhg[/media]

Man, It might be time for another ABC tournament… I’ld love to put some of the crazy art here in IMM on youtube.