Pseudo Overheads


I’m not sure if this the right term for it but some characters have jump attacks that can be used as quick overheads in a way. An example would be with Kyo in which you do a crouching short that your opponent blocks low and then you immediately do a low jump d+fierce to catch him not blocking high.

The only other example I can think of one would be Eagle’s jumping forward since it hits pretty low to the ground when you jump immediately and attack.

Can anybody think of other characters that can do this?


Iori’s qcf+p*3 is sorta one of those. The first two can be blocked crouching and then the third one has to be blocked standing up.


I’ve seen Ryu low jump straight up roundhouse as overhead, but it was a killing blow, kinda like how you save a throw for the end. I’ve done similar things with Terry and Mai…I bet you can do it with Sagat.


Yeah, I never called these psuedo-overheads, but it seems to be a fitting term. Sagat’s cr.short/forward, small jump Roundhouse is mean as hell. Hibiki can do this with j.RH also, but the idea of this as a whole seems to be punishable even if you land it unless you small jump. There simply isn’t enough hit stun to keep the opponent in limbo while you’re still jumping, and thusly, you’ll be eating tiger uppercut, shoryuken, whatever anti-airs. Good uses for this without small jump are definately if it kills, or you could do this to attempt to recover a blocked CC, since even without small jump you can find ways of hitting them multiple times in the air. Other than that though, without small jump you could get slaughtered, I used to do this with Ken, and sometimes I’d eat Haoh’s s.fierce… not a worthy cause IMO.


psuedo means fake…just lettin ya know

one of tha best overheads in the game is hibiki’s dp lk overhead

try this one day,, dp lk into a (you pick) super or fp slash

good when they’ve got a lv 3 and they are just waitin for u to do your B&B combo


Is her lk overhead faster tahn her hk overhead?


I think any attack that has an angle similar to Sagat’s j.rh works well as a quick overhead after a short jump.

Another example is Yama’s j.rh, or Sakura’s j.fwd.

Obviously, most useful when going for that final hit, otherwise you’ll end up eating serious retaliation.


K…I skimmed. Just found the thread and I think you haven’t listed the most obvious one. Chun Li’s headstomp.

I would actually call these overheads. They hit “overhead” but are initiated from the ground more or less. We’re talking OG Chun, OG Rog jump back fierce, Sodom jump short, Rose jump short…yadda yadda. These are overheads for years. You should look for these when you first pick up your character. You know, as you check for their assets.

I haven’t really dug into CvS2 completely just my characters. So, I couldn’t tell you anymore but I thought I’d throw in Chun’s since it fits perfectly into the category here.

A sure sign that you have this is the downward angle of the air attack and the speed at which it fully extends. Like Charlie’s RH on A3 would be great but it won’t extend fast enough to be used in that way. If it has those two things(downward angle and fast extension in relation to the jump(quick jump start up etc.)) then it will more than likely be a nice quick and surprising overhead attack. Rog’s RH would work but it’s too slow…etc. heheh



Really, it matters which direction you jump or the 3 and if they were prepared for it. You have to add the human calculation. I could jump back and hit a dp move on the way back and because the opponent wasn’t expecting it, he’s not ready to hit me out of the air in time. Quick shit like this causes minute brainfarts I guess you could say. Jumping over them while doing this could mess up their super motion or charge for their retaliation. It’s all in how deceptive and prepared you are with these and how the characters’ jump is. I’ll do these in a way where I WANT them to try and hit me out of the air so I can land and combo them to death or super. A lot of times the situation is all character specific. Just like some characters have safe supers when blocked. It’s really how you use these moves to affect the opponents composure imo. But they are valuable, believe me.

All small jumps are overheads. We’re talking specific moves that can be used as a fast overhead right off of the ground that will hit a crouching opponent.



I was talking about Hibiki’s j.RH… you can’t jump back RH, it just doesn’t land. Anyways, I understand that all jumping attacks are overheads, and I realize we are discussing better ones. I still don’t think it’s all that safe. Say you’re playing Rock vs. Sagat, and from in his face you psuedo-overhead by jumping back with an immediate j.RH, even if it hits, you can still eat Tiger Crush. Even if you’re Ken, you can start the dp motion before you land all you want, but you’ll get plastered before your feet hit the ground. Then other characters have projectiles, which do the job, and as for Akuma, don’t do that to him, because you’re soooo setting your self up for taking an easy 3000-5000 damage. The Akuma case is a bit different, because you will more or less undoubtedly land, but if you dp, it gets stuffed by TK j.fireball, and if you block, you take the block string which hands out 1500-2000 damage on average. Either case, your 1200 damage from a j.RH is less than that, making the trade in his favor. So maybe you can get away with doing this vs. characters like Chang, Zangeif, and several others, but you won’t be happy when characters throw fierce projectiles, super, use whatever run-u-down moves they have (like Eagle, Iori, Hibiki, etc…), thusly making this tactic difficult and not too safe vs. most, but not all characters. On the other hand, I should think small jump changes all of this, and definitely adds safety. In fact, I think with small jump psuedo-overheads, Akuma is the only character that can still punish you. So my verdict thus far is that this is useful in small jump grooves. Also, as I mentioned previously, I can see uses for this in a blocked CC.


Kyo’s d+hp in a low jump is an instant overhead on big characters, and it is a knockdown.


hibiki has a very good one… normal jump forward with rh… when you hit the ground, cancel the stun into super if they try to attack you