Akuma lets me down again guys. Me and my best friend have always played Street Fighter and not too long ago I had recently picked it up again from about a 3 month hiatus. I’ve been playing full on for a month and a half and know Akuma from inside to out (I’ve played him for a total of two years). Basically all I had to bring back was my execution, hit-confirms and the such. Well I finally convince my friend to start playing again and he picks it up about two weeks ago. He’s been playing Ken for about two years but doesn’t really watch vids or read strats but he is a good Ken. He learned the basic shoto game because he picked it up from me and the only problem he really has is hit-confirms. However, after my whole month and a half of refurbishing and his two weeks I got completely destroyed when he came over for our weekly game. At first I had the momentum of the matches gaining about a 7 match lead with maybe a few other character match-ups in there. Not just Akuma vs. Ken. He ends up catching up to me from 12-3.

I have one of the strongest shoto games and Ken shuts down EVERYTHING Akuma does until your left with a Ryu without EX Moves, no real way of dealing damage except by Super or Bnb, and one shitty ass life bar. Ken could kill me with 2 dp’s and a heavy air attack. I played a solid ground game but it’s no match for Ken’s mix-up haven. I couldn’t even whirlwind kick except for HK which would be punished if I messed up and did it to him on wake up while he was in the corner (1 shippu = half a life bar). I don’t use lk. whirlwind ever except in punishing situation (like your supposed too). Mk. whirlwind gets punished every time by mp, hp, srk/shippu so basically I couldn’t go for the HP , mk whirlwind, mp srk Bnb. Unless I hit confirm. And one of my questions is do you NEED to hit confirm that? Needless to say, I always hit confirm with my dive kicks such as if it connects and hits low enough I do hp, mk tatsu, mp srk. If they block or it hits accordingly I do other mix-ups. Don’t even let me get into demon flips. I didn’t even abuse them. I did them maybe once or twice a match. Punished everytime by either srk or j.hp on reaction. I played a completely safe Akuma and just got my shit wrecked regardless. I stripped Akuma down to the Ryu I was talking about and won maybe 1 out of every 3 matches that way.

I don’t even want to play this game if I have to drop Akuma and move to top-tier to play in tournaments. Honestly, I fucking hate Ken and would hate to have to switch to him in order to play shoto.

[quote=“Hell Murder”]

I don’t even want to play this game if I have to drop Akuma and move to top-tier to play in tournaments.

Well, PaulT has done some pretty cool stuff in a scene that’s arguably on par with Japan.

Aww, but you got a color picked out for him and everything.

Geez dude, from where I’m standing it just sounds like your friend understands how you play.

If you are both on equal skill levels, it only makes sense that he win at least 6 out of every 10 games.

Play him in Ken mirrors and see if you can win.

Don’t let it get you down. The amount of times I have lost to a scrubby Ken player simply because I gave KEN too much credit rather than figuring out how the scrub played…

Ken has no advantage on Gouki the match is 5/5. Gouki has things that Ken doesn’t and Ken doesn’t have a way to abuse Gouki’s shitty life or stun. Against Ken you should play a counter game and rush down only when they are knocked down. Basically the only mov Ken shuts down is the demon flip but you can still use it sparingly, use the early canceled flip if you think Ken will counter, it will at least trade with the srk and it will beat jump back fierce clean. You need to use the air fireball against Ken and try to bait jumping ex tatsu. Many Kens will throw this out if you do a few air fireballs and if you’re grounded you can punish it easily with a BnB. Gouki also has a much greater throw range than Ken because of his kara throw so abuse that. Don’t play footsies with Gouki because his low roundhouse is slightly slower on recovery than the other shotos and his only reliable wiff punish is SA1 which requires you build the meter first. If Ken jumps hit him with a LATE anti air SA1 or a srk canceled into SA1. You have to do the regular SA1 late because if you do it too early they will air ex hurricane over it. If you do it late you can look for the air ex hurricane then duck it and punish it on landing. Don’t use any Tatsu’s unless they are for punishing because Ken can punish blocked ones with super and jab/ex srk. You can sometimes get around this though with mk tatsu as it is one less hit and confusing to reversal.

Ken does more damag to you than you can usually do to him but he should never be in control of the match giving him fewer opertunities to do damage to you. If your friend was giving you trouble just play some other Kens for practice then go back with a fresh perspective, if you’re the better player you will undoubtably win.

agree with harmonaz, your friend knows your game, try playing keepaway and landing supers, little mixup with hk/mk tatsu also works.

If he shoryu or j.hp your flips, do mk flip, or lk flip but do the dive kick as soon as u can, that “trains” your opponent to block.

do smart rush game on ken, take advantage of what he has not

Hell Murder, my word is you have clearly underestimated ur friend and tried to rush this Ken down while Gouki must play keepaway game with Ken. Play smart and do not be shamed to carefully zone him with vertical and back jump air hadoukens - every Ken is dangerous espesially the one u underestimate.

He’s the one playing keep away. Anyway, regardless of whether I mix up tatsus they still get punished.

And yes, I do win Ken mirrors but I hate using him.

Keepaway Ken? Spam him with hadou not tatsu!

Here video:[media=youtube]0EKg5oCYXc8[/media]

The only really big mistake I made was the wake-up messatsu. I meant to do wake up srk xx messatsu.

Dude, I don’t play as a shoto, but just from general knowledge and watching matches here at the arcade and seeing videos keepaway or a person who zones usually has a tough time reading up a mix up. First of all do you even do the watson? do you mixup with a s. fierce into demon flip? do you do a c. foward out with a short hurricane into jab into watson then maybe into throw? I don’t know what your doing or how your playing but if he is always running away did you try mixing up your throwing game? or just a simple c, jab,short,jab dash away watch his foward wiff dash in throw or even an overhead? Can you tell us what you do? because of your being really repetitive with you moves obviously your not doing such great mixup. Between me and my friends Akuma has some insane shit, the onlything is now just how to utilize it. Do you give this guy breathing space? one thing is for sure if your playing somebody who zones don’t retreat worth shit, chances are with an akuma keeping pressure in the corner you have alot of opportunities, just tell us what you do that always gets you screwed.

—Just saw the match video----
Alright, when your in the air he knows what your going to try and attempt, it’s really clear and obvious your going to either jump in and keep pressure with a dive kick, or do a jump in deep fierce or a late hurricane. Have you tried parrying a jump in? your friend is really quick and jumping at you to counter your incoming hit, try countering this and throw whatever you can at him. Another thing you didn’t keep great ground pressure with him, he did retreat alot but so did you and you were not quick enough to tech some of his throws or read the watson setup/situations. Your hurricane kicks came out alot and if he was quick enough he could make mence meat out of those whiffs but he isn’t. Some great advice would be to not give him any space and just keep on him as much as you can, don’t always go for a dive kick it’s just written all over the movement with Akuma, go for throw setups more often it looked as if he had a hard time doing that on two occasions that you did this he did tech the ones that were obvious while you were both walking in close or after a crossup. Train him to think that your going to do the samething but then again stuff it out with your parrying and counter hits, train him for the tick throws and just when he’s about to tick punish it. All of this shit will just be trial and error at first but once you get it down it wont be so tough bro.

Its going to be a bit hard to tell you how to improve your ken game when you post a match that you won, especially when you say you had to rely on your ground game, but in this match you are jumping all over the place. Don’t punish a whiffed throw with a f+mp, and at the end of the game, just chip him with fb xx sa1.

I understand Pherai but these were one of the first matches. If I did punish a whiffed throw with f+mp I didn’t mean too. :lol: I realized there wasn’t a great ground game here. Only on the first round am I really jumping around alot because I couldn’t get him locked down and it was really pissing me off. I do sort of have a bad habit with those dive kicks. Need to get rid of that. BTW what am I supposed to do when HE is jumping away from ME? Throughout the matches (not necessarily on the video) I was also dashing under ALOT of his jump-ins. What should I do to maintain pressure if I can’t really do any demon flip or tatsu setups. Just keep kara throwing?
How do you maintain good pressure without leaving the ground anyways? Especially while your opponent is flying all over the place. Should I even bother dashing under? Or should I do the “Harmonaz” and stick out a lp. canceled into tatsu if parried. I’m pretty sure he will parry the entire thing and punish the shit out of me…

I do know that I need to chip ftw but I was getting all frantic and having one of those moments.
Towards the end, I never meant to jump forward after I knocked him out of the air. In fact I meant to do a fp to reset him which would actually kill him since he had no life left.

Thanks for breaking down my game guys but you can’t really see the entire set here…:wasted:

something I use a LOT and I’ve not seen anyone use when dashing under is back+HK timing is much slower that lp xx hk.tatsu, and the stun damage is amazing…
hp xx lk.tatsu if parried hp and not tatsu --> BnB, if both parried u are still safe (i think) and if none is parried (hp kinda resets opponent) lk.tatsu whiffs then dash back waiting for the whiffed throw or w8 and see how he reacts

By the way - Ken VS Gouki is NOT an even matchup. One tier chart I saw said 6-4 to Ken, but I think its more.

Ken has an answer to everything Akuma does. Akuma can ONLY win this matchup by being the clearly better player and outsmarting the opponent. Ken can win this matchup a lot more easily.

Besides - Akuma needs more than a few openings to finally kill off Ken. Ken just needs two opportunties with a super, or a crossup combo and thats it. Even if you just play basic footsie shoto games with him, you might think at one point that you’re playing evenly against the guy - but then you look at the energy bar and see that he has almost won the round for the same amount of effort you put in, yet only half his energy bar is gone.

Do ANY of the characters have even matchups against the top tiers?

ASTENNU - apart from a very specific range, and unless Ken goes into EX hurricane early in the jump - he should NEVER get free jump ins on you. First time round - NO ONE can parry the jab xx hurricane. Second time round, if you are so sure he will parry it - do jab into fierce SRK. The timing is SLIGHTLY different, but deffo different so he’ll mess that up too.

Maintaining a solid offence without leaving the ground?? C’mon man, Shinshay does that to me all the time because jumping in at me during your rushdown is the perfect way for me to escape. And Exo does it at light speed. Its just the basic bait, whiff, punish. If he gets me in the corner with Akuma, its usually the end for me. He’s incredibly good at faking kara throw attempts or should i say just walking in and out and making you stick out the wrong poke. Soon as you decide to not stick anything out, he goes for the throws and overhead links into supers. No jumping.

Try playing for awhile without the dive kick. I know its a really good move which is just tempting to use due to its speed, combo potential and how it closes the distance. But whenever I used to play someone who knows how to deal with them, I’d almost always lose. Thats where I went back to Jap vids and watched how they used the divekick.

Mostly I’ve seen 1) whiff it to close distance (for a followup kara throw or demon maybe) or bait moves (parry traps)
2) (rare) they do it right on top of an opponents head and cancel into fierce shoryu. If blocked, they usually go for an escape tactic but more often that not they just get thrown or something.

One which I personally use is doing it to someone in the corner as they wakeup. For opponents you can’t cross, it can hit them very deep and meaty if you time it right. As they wakeup, it almost looks like you are jumping over them and they tend to hold the stick forward to block a crossup (if timed wrong they will walk under you even when it looks impossible). On opponents that CAN be crossed - you can still cross them while hitting with the divekick, but timing is more strict.

Thanks for the help Naz. I’m going to deffinately give up the dive kicking. I think that is one of my BIGGEST problems. I’m going to work on a super solid ground game and kara throw 2x as much now. :wgrin: I’m also going to work on those lp. reset’s you do. Thanks for all the tips guys.

Although, I do wish Jida could of helped out instead of just shit talking like an immature brat.:arazz:

BTW I never had the intention of quiting Akuma. I’m not going to be a sell out to the top-tier ever. I’d rather quit the game.

I don’t. I do belive that it is 6-4. used to think it was more, but after playing against a lot of kens, i don’t anymore. matchup is simple. you have alot more options than ken, but he does more damage than you do. you can poke him to death if you’re at max range with no fear of shippu, he has no right to jump on you(EX tatsu is dangerous since you can simply avoid it by doing a neutral crouch into combo or throw, your pick), you can play good keepaway, at close range you got good options… the worst part of the matchup is that if he lands good hits on you, it’s crying time + mixups.

oh, and you got an instant grab that does approx. 50% of damage. mixups and all that.

seriously, you can do almost as much stupid shit as ken does, it just won’t hurt him as much as it will hurt you. just play basic shoto game(which means no random tatsus, no demon flips, not too much air to ground game). basics.

oh, and if ken does a jump EX tatsu early in his jump, just remember that neutral crouch owns him. after that, there’s 90% of chances that he’ll stay on the ground(chere you want him to be).

I know that Ryu pretty much does against Ken(heavy stun/damage when you got an EX and can pretty much spam EX hadou for free… and denjin if you like it)… might be the only one though.

Well, what I see going on here is the same mistake I used to make with Akuma. Shoto similarities. Take note that Gouki is NOT Ryu, and therefore you don’t want to play him the same. If you think playing Gouki like Ryu is the way to go, then I would switch over to Ryu. I know they both play similarly except for the EX moves and the teleport, but Gouki’s game takes a keener sense of attack vs. defense.

Try playing Ryu against your friend next time, see how you fare. Chances are, if you play Gouki like Ryu, you’ll play Ryu like Ryu and everything will work out in the end. Otherwise, keep practicing mixups. If your friend has only been playing for Two weeks, then chances are, the mighty UoH is going to shut him down.

No we have been playing for well over two years, both of us. WE just started playing again for those time periods. And you misunderstood me on the Ryu part. I never play Gouki like Ryu but I had too in order to be safe. Even El Diablo says you can’t use demon flips and you have to stop the random tatsus or you will get owned by Ken.

ken owns the shit out of akuma, like i said before.

want proof? watch hirai rape the shit out of uraken in a series of like 13 matches. uraken maybe wins 3? on some lucky demon setup or something.

akuma has no real solid damage against ken, and nothing he does is safe.

what are you talking about? these matches are old and he plays like a wild dog on them. you can’t do that against ken. you’ll get owned bad(what did happen actually). seriously, since you’re talking about top japanese gouki, watch any Match vs any Ken video. way less loopsided because he plays more carefully. the point being: you can’t play against ken like you do against the rest of the cast; that’s just asking to be raped.