PSL "BOJAH!" Bi-weekly Results - June 10th, 2004


Yep it’s that time yet again. I’m talking about the PSL Bi-weeklies better known as PSL BOJAH!.

Here’s the results:

Capcom vs. SNK 2:
1st.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage) - C-Groove Guile/Blanka/Cammy(R2)
2nd.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - C-Groove Benimaru/Blanka(R2)/Sagat
3rd.) Levi Wesley (THE TRUTH) - C-Groove Guile/Blanka/Sagat(R2)


  • Full results can be found HERE (CLICK)

  • Youngster Levi has shown he can contend after making a comeback from his short-comings at the previous BOJAH tournament where he placed 5th. He’s been training hard and has his eyes set on 1st come next bi-weekly. Will he take it?

  • Matt threw Troy into the losers bracket, only to face him once more in the finals where Troy managed to make a come-back. Better luck next time Matt.

  • I still think this game sucks.

Super Street Fighter II: Turbo:
1st.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Ryu
2nd.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage) - Guile/Cammy
3rd.) Levi Wesley (THE TRUTH) - M. Bison


  • Full results can be found HERE (CLICK)

  • Matthew showed us his ST prowess by psychic DP’ing everyone left and right. When he didn’t DP he’d throw people around like bags of garbage. Will he be able to retain the position of 1st? Or will a stranger from the region of Tampa come and claim the throne next time around?

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike:
1st.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage) - Makoto (SAI)/ Elena (SAIII)
2nd.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Chun-li (SAII)/ Necro (SAIII)
3rd.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Ken (SAIII)/ Makoto (SAI)


  • Full results can be found HERE (CLICK).

  • Troy once again manages to take 1st, but how long will he be able to keep his streak going?

  • Matt put me in the losers bracket first match of the tourney, only to face me again in the semi-finals to lose 2-1. Good games Matt.

  • For those of you wondering why I’ve been picking Chun-li at these events, well to be honest I’m trying to make her a character I can play on a serious level. Granted she is easy to use, but I have yet to really translate her from paper over to the real world.

  • Troy ALMOST went through the event undefeated, but he lost a round against my Chun-li. Better luck next time chump. :stuck_out_tongue:

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
1st.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Cable/Iceman/Juggerknot
2nd.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Strider/Doom/Capcom and Cable/Sent/Capcom
3rd.) Levi Wesley (THE TRUTH) - Cable/Sent/Blackheart


  • Full results can be found HERE (CLICK).

  • Don’t ask me how the hell Matt managed to win with that team. The only straight answer I can give you is this, We Really Suck At This Game.

  • During the finals Matt managed to pull a victory despite the fact that Troy shanked him right in the middle of the match with a screw driver! Gangsta!

  • Matt also managed to glitch the game by making Servbot invisible. What a cheater!

Guilty Gear XX
1st.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage) - May
2nd.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Eddie/Slayer
3rd.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Potemkin


  • Full results can be found HERE (CLICK).

  • Levi hit me with Ky’s instant kill after he clearly stated “I don’t know how to do it!”. What a freakin lyer that kid is. :bluu:

  • Troy beat me down hard with May and her damn Dolphins. She’s such a bitch.

  • By some miracle I managed to beat Matt and his Potemkin. Will I manage to pull this feat again come next Bi-weekly?

1st.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage)
2nd.) Ried Wesley (MiniMuff)
3rd.) Matt Smith (acesmith5)


  • For some retarded reason they decided to throw a quick Halo tournie, I guess this was used to gauge who’s the biggest loser in life out of all of us. Naturally Troy takes the win.

  • Ried beat Matt 25 to 5 (?). Either way Matt didn’t fair too well. Better luck next time bud.

And that’s it! Hopefully come next Bi-weekly (which will be on a weekend.) some out of towners will be able to attend!

Tonight was kinda gay, but hey, everynight you spend playing video games is gay when you think about it in retrospect so whatever.

Later fellas!


Who can stop the insanity?!?!?!?!?

nate: your disappointing me day by day :rolleyes:

Troy: NICE! But dont get too cocky…for when i return CVS2 is mine

Levi, Kyle, Reid: Good job guys keep up the practice. whats this i here Levi beating nate in cvs2!!! (nate refer to above statement :stuck_out_tongue: )

Matt: proving once again PSL sux in MVC2. G/J :rolleyes:

GGXX: Im sorry ggxx…your beautifulness was not meant to be mocked by people who pick may and win tourneys w/ her


Eat a dick. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow :wtf:

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
1st.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Cable/Iceman/Juggerknot
2nd.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Strider/Doom/Capcom and Cable/Sent/Capcom
3rd.) Levi Wesley (THE TRUTH) - Cable/Sent/Blackheart

how the… he beat you guys playin with iceman/juggerknot while you guys have… [/headhurts]


That’s why I want to go. I can win this one. I know I can. IM can scrub it out he just needs a chance!!!

What the gay?


Well, for the haters, I actually used some Cable/BH/Jugg also :stuck_out_tongue:

There IS a method to my madness in MvC2. So, I say BRING IT!! :evil: If you want those 800 Apex points, you’re gonna have to come work for em! :evil:

Oh yeah, and bitches. GGXX is mine next time. Hopefully eric won’t be on the phone needing to talk business during my matches. I couldn’t concentrate. It’s all good, but prepare for next time :smiley:

Oh, and as for May, Isn’t she like used by a top player in Japan? She is so underrated it’s not even funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Games to all, and to all a good night.


i’ll play you for $$$ troy! you think may can beat slayer? better go to evo! i gotta make pizza money somehow. :frowning:


And I direct you to this statement:

Troy’s so poor he can’t even afford to purchase a slice of pizza, let alone a plane ticket to California.

It must suck being a poor honky. :lol:


wtf basically a mirror match with the top 3 players in CvS2 (O_O)


There were actually several other teams and chars used. Not sure why Silvergear put down Sagat as my team. I only used Sagat like once, and I lost. My main team was Benimaru/Vega/Blanka. Then later switched to Haomaru/Blanka/Sagat.

Troy used quite a bit of Nako during the tournament, and only guile like once.


I run things!!!

Yet again. Better lucky next time Scrubs…