PSL "Bojah to end all" results 8/7/05

1st- Carlos Bailey "doujinshi_2001"
2nd- Eric Wesley "The Muffin Man"
3rd- Troy Wesley "Troyboy’s Back!"
4th- Anthony “RandomNigga”

1st- Anthony "RandomNigga"
2nd- Nathan Roach "Silvergear"
3rd- Matt Smith "Acesmith5"
4th- David “Calm Warrior”

1st- David "Calm Warrior"
2nd- Carlos Bailey "doujinshi_2001"
3rd- Anthony "RandomNigga"
4th- Eric Wesley “Troyboy’s Back!”

1st- Troy “Troyboy’s Back!”

GGs to everyone I played. See you guys after Evo

w0rd…gotta be shitty tourny if you are winnin cvs2 j/k :rofl: :nunchuck:

Snake was the score last time we played 10-0 me? Or was it 8-3 me
I don’t remember

lol jk

LAST time was like 7-3 but fuck you and your score :rofl: fucking mexican A-groover :tdown:
Good luck at Evo and better not back off on the money match with couch ! :tup:

Eh, I’m not Mexican lol I’m black, still haven’t figured out why I was given a Spanish name tho at birth

good job carlos

good games carlos.
with no one good to practice with and my eternal hatred for cvs2 online, i havent played hardly at all for the past year and half, so i completely suck at cvs2 now. :tdown:

good luck at evo if you go.
represent florida man, ill be rootin for ya


Thanks my nigga we gotta play at Evo for sure

Yeah GGs to yourself. You’re quite good for not playing in about a year :tup: At Evo I’ll definitely represent Florida CvS2

GG’s everyone, even though not many casual matches got played since Anthony’s Random ass had to leave and take David. But I rape in 3S, but whats new. Good luck at Evo Carlos hopefully you do good and get to play with some of the top players and learn a few things cause you have mad potential.

What!@! :mad:

Ohh i am so going to the next major tournament you goto just to shut you the hell up…

shakes fist in anger

This is Troy…

Well I’m pretty sure since I’m moving up north that I’ll be attending all the tourneys like ECC, NEC, FR and so on. You’ll have to attend. But I was takeing it easy on you in casual :wink: You didn’t see my nasty Chun.

P.S. I don’t know why 2nd and 3rd wheren’t posted for Third Strike but I have a good idea why, prob because Matt got 2nd and Nathan got 3rd :tup: