PSL "BOJAH v.3!" Bi-weekly Results - June 26th, 2004

It’s that time of the month again kiddies! Another set of PSL “BOJAH” results coming at you like a bad case of your girlfriends PMS! Wooha!

Here’s the results:

Capcom vs. SNK 2:
1st.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - C-Groove Ryu/M. Bison/Sagat(R2)
2nd.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - C-Groove Vega/Sagat/Blanka(R2)
3rd.) Levi Wesley (THE TRUTH) - C-Groove Ken/Blanka/Sagat(R2)


  • For full results CLICK HERE.

  • Much to everyone’s suprise the first match of the night ends with Troy (2 time champ of Bojah) being thrown into the loser’s bracket by yours truly, after replaying a match that ended in a double K.O.! Things only went downhill from there. This loss can be credited to his picking up of Eagle.

  • I OCV’ed Levi with R1 Ryu. :lol:

  • Matt almost made a comeback in the finals, but in the end lost momentum after Ryu can out and tamed the beast known as R2 Blanka.

  • Levi got upset when I RC’ed a jab fireball through his super. Funny stuff (I never RC in case you’re wondering.).

  • I still think this game sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Super Street Fighter II: Turbo:
1st.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Ryu/M. Bison
2nd.) Levi Wesley (THE TRUTH) - M. Bison
3rd.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage) - Cammy


  • For full results CLICK HERE.

  • Matt maintains his status as PSL’s ST champ and went through the tournament undefeated.

  • Sorry Isaac, I’ve let you down. :frowning:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike:
1st.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Ryu (SAIII)
2nd.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage) - Sean (SAI)/Remy (SAII)/Twelve (SAII)
3rd.) Ryan Waxberg (Sleipner) - Chun-li (SAII)/Twelve (SAI)


  • For full results CLICK HERE.

  • Today we had special guest Sleipner who hails from Miami! Thanks for driving 2 hours to play, hope you had fun!

  • Troy was in a peculiar mood tonight for 3S and attempted to win with low tier. WTF?

  • I went through the tournament undefeated. Denjin Ryu = Hotness!

  • Sadly young little Anah was unable to play due to her arriving at the tourney a tad bit too late. =(

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
1st.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Cable/Iceman/Juggerknot
2nd.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Strider/Doom/Cammy
3rd.) Levi Wesley (THE TRUTH) - Cable/Sent/Blackheart


  • For full results CLICK HERE.

  • See Matt’s team? See at how he got first? This clearly says something about PSL’s Marvel scene, so STFU and don’t state the obvious! :lol:

  • Matt went through the tournament undefeated.

Guilty Gear XX
1st.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Potemkin
2nd.) Eric Oja (Uber1) - Anji/Jam
3rd.) Levi Wesley (THE TRUTH) - Ky


  • For full results CLICK HERE.

  • Eric Ojah took this tourney by storm! He put me in the loser’s and even took out Troy in the loser’s bracket! Beastly!

  • Troy still beasted on me with May. The whore.

  • Will Oja take 1st next time? Only time will tell.

  • On an added note. PSL > Memphis. :lol:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (SUDDEN DEATH)
1st.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Ryu (SAIII)
2nd.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage) - Dudley (SAIII)/Elena (SAII)
3rd.) Matt Smith (acesmith5) - Hugo


  • This is the hard stuff let me tell you. Handicaps put on 1 star! 30 second time! Whoever get’s hit first dies!

  • I turtled/poked the hell out of everyone in this one. 1 parry = Good night!

  • Troy showed the true power of Dudley’s cross-counter! If he caught you in it once it’s an instant K.O.!

  • This is all in good fun. I had a great time!

And that’s it folks! Tonight was rather fun;however I’d still prefer to stay home and read books, but hey gotta get out sometime I guess.

Good games everyone! Hope to see some new faces come next time!


Yes yes. Good times good times.

Oh, and for visitors out there in tvland, for the record, my MvC2 team was: Jugg/Cable/Iceman. Juggs on point biotch!!! :lol: :lol:

3s and CvS2 are boring. :o

Marvel and St are fun as hell dude. I love those games.

GGXX was a riot with Oja’s beasting.

I’ve got footage so prepare to see some of the most scrubtastic shiat you’ve seen in quite a while! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and mad props to Levi “THE TRUTH” Wesley. That little bugger is proving to be quite the contender…especially for a guy who hasn’t even hit puberty yet!!!

good games all

I still can’t believe I messed up when Troy did Q’s super to me. Oh well - it was fun. And hey in Orlando I’m sure some form of me, troy, and nathan will be top 3 again. :stuck_out_tongue:

You just wait Matt I’ll drive up again probably every third one or so like a bimonthly visitor. Once I get those copies I’m gonna beast MvC2.

Levi is too good at Super Turbo. For not being born yet, he shouldn’t do that well.

Annah Wesley and another girl entered your house tournament for apex, that’s just really sad guys, REALLY SAD.

Sorry I couldn’t make it. I got kinda lazy and didn’t want to do the 2 hours drive, then 2 hours back…sorry…:frowning:

What’s even sadder is both of them could probably take you in 3S. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thing is both Anah and Celina were put in the brackets cause they said they were going to be able to play, but they wound up arriving to late to participate…

Don’t know why Matt included him (Unless DQ’s count.). Plus I don’t know how in the world he could spell Anah wrong. :lol:


It’s all good man. Hopefully you’ll be able to make it to one of our events later on down the line. :wink:

Damn Acesmith coming out of the woodworks in full force he’s now ranked higher than Justin Wong.

Who will in in Orlando
Will it be Mike Mixup or Acesmith5 - only time will tell. :lol:


I got $20 on Mike Mixion! :lol:

PSL > Tenneessee? Oh no, my friend. Tenneessee > World.

pfft yeah right. Burke Street>tennessee

Okay yeah this tourney was a joke.

Me picking Eagle in CvS2 gave everyone a free win. It’s ok I won the last 2 and I will win the next one.

ST I really dont care about. But for the record I won the first one. :confused:

3S I was beasting with Q. But come finals I felt like playing Sean and Twelve. So yeah Nathan won.


GGXX is mine next time just like last time. No fulling around next time. And I ain’t giving anyone any rounds and I am using May all the way not Anji. Anji=Garbage

Can’t wait till next Bojah. :evil:

Bojah 4 “Berrherr”

Wow. So Tennessee is the GGXX player’s new mecca huh? :lol:


Yo Isaac! I failed bro what can I say? :frowning:

Next time I’m on AIM I’m going to need some more of your divine ST advice.


Hey man don’t sweat last night. Just get back up, dust your shoulders off, and never pick Eagle or C-Groove again. :lol:

Annah, Anah same thing. She won’t ever even be on here :stuck_out_tongue:

And her name was on the bracket sheet. Thats all I need. She woulda played if her dad hadn’t made her goto bed :frowning: But she was there watching and playing casual.

I think you mean A-groove :stuck_out_tongue:

And Issac, if it’s any consolation to Nathan’s suckiness, I learned a lot that day we played casual at Jeffs. So, in a way, my winnings could be attributed to you :smiley:

man…i wanna bojah. :frowning: i’ll be there for sure once i get back!

Aww come on now. I think Troy plays a decent A-groove.

Troy just needs to swallow his pride and stick with A-groove Ken for the time being instead of wandering off to different characters in the hopes of finding a new gimmick.

Hey the more the merrier!

Next time Ryan comes up see if you can hitch a ride with him. :smiley:

BOJAH’s taking Florida by storm! :lol:

yeah danny ill pick your vagina punching ass up along the way.

you still using Dudley or who you comin back from NY with?

hey nathan don’t sweat it. you tried your best. beside, as far as the tips I gave you, that was just the tip of the iceberg, so feel free to IM me anytime i’m online

matt, I see you holding it down in ST. I’m glad you guys are playing this game. Hopefully we can hold like a mini-tourney or round robin or something in G-ville. I have a lot of stuff to show you guys

hey cool results i cant wait to see u guys in the winter and witness how much u guys improved, i’ll have 3s for ps2 so we can hopefully play the full version of the game (charge storing is alot easier in real arcade speed).

strokes xbox/ps2/gamecube compatible pelican joystick

were those girls who were going to play hispanic and not jail bait by any chance?

grrr… i shouldve came… for 3s of course, see u guys winter break.

off to ny to get slaughtered by flash and justin once again! :lol:

JAILBAIIT to the max… :lol:

Issac, yeah bud. But, honestly don’t get your hopes up too high. If you put a bunch of 8 chimpanzees and have them run a Marvel tournament there has to be a first place winner. So just because we’re playing the game doesn’t mean we’re any better than monkeys.

But I’ll still play the game anytime anywhere :slight_smile: It’s too much fun!!

nah, i scrapped dudley a while ago. i think i’m doing better, but you’ll see. i’ve been trying to xcopy justin wong’s attack strings. :cool: