PSL "BOJAH v.4!" Bi-weekly Results - RETURN OF THE MUFFIN MAN (7/25/04)

That’s right gentlemen, it’s another set of “BOJAH” results hitting you hard like the fact that the chick you just slept with over this past weekend really has AIDS.

Let’s get down!


Capcom vs. SNK 2:
1st.) Eric Wesley (The Muffin Man) - A-Groove Sakura/Bison/Blanka(R2)
2nd.) Rick Stalvey (Shinma_sama) - A-Groove Vega/Nakoruru/Sakura(R2)
3rd.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) C-Groove Vega/Ryu/Blanka(R2)


  • For full results CLICK HERE.

  • Eric took the throne as CvS2 BOJAH champ. I have a feeling this will be a title he will hold for quite some time.

  • Levi with his childish luck managed to eliminate both Troy and I from the event. How long will his luck last?

  • CvS2 Remix featuring David Bowie = TOP TIER!

  • Finals between Eric vs. Rick went 3-1.

  • Yeah this game still sucks, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike:
1st.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Ryu (SAIII)
2nd.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage) - Elena (SAIII)/Alex(SAIII)
3rd.) Anah Wesley - Makoto(SAI)/Chun-li(SAII)


  • For full results CLICK HERE.

  • Anah Wesley, a sweet heart of a 9 year old girl, managed to take 3rd this past BOJAH. Good job Anah! I’m proud of you!

  • I came out of the losers bracket beating Troy 6-2. Good games Troy, sorry if I mentally exhausted you.

  • I’m the king of Turtle Town! :lol:

  • Rick and Anthony were unable to stay and participate in this event. :frowning:

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2:
1st.) Rick Stalvey (Shinma_sama) - Cable/Doom/Cyclops
2nd.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Juggs/Cable/Colossus
3rd.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Magneto/IronMan/Sentinal


  • For full results CLICK HERE.

  • Rick Stalvey took everyone for a ride and dethroned MvC2 BOJAH champion Matt! Plus he beasted me 2-0. Damn!

  • Troy shows signs of improvement in MvC2. Could he be a new local contender?

  • Sadly special guest Anthony Wright (RandomNigga) was having issues with the stick he was using and decided to foreit and go home early. Sorry bro!

  • I still can’t beat Matt, even when I switch up teams. Guess it’s back to drawing board for me if there’s any hopes of me every taking the MvC2 BOJAH title once more.

Guilty Gear XX:
1st.) Eric Wesley (The Muffin Man) - Bridgett
2nd.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Potemkin
3rd.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage) - Axl


  • For full results CLICK HERE.

  • Eric went through the tournament UNDEFEATED.

  • Go ahead Reno Crew laugh at us, we deserve it. :frowning:

  • Why is it I always get beasted on by Troy at this event? Why can’t I lose against someone else for a change?

  • Sadly Eric Ojah, was unable to attend the event and make another attempt to claim his spot in the top 3. He had to cut his grass or something stupid like that. WTF? :lol:

Rock, Paper, Scissors:
1st.) Rick Stalvey (Shinma_sama)
2nd.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5)
3rd.) Eric Wesley (The Muffin Man)


  • Eric Wesley completely beasted me in this game, I mean he took me out in like 5 seconds flat!

  • It was a clash of the Titans when Rick and Matthew faced off in the finals. Rick ended it all by beating Matt 3-1. GGPO!

  • During Rick vs. Anah, Rick almost fell prey to the power that is a 9 year old girls big blue eye’s, but he didn’t let her mess with his mind and wound up winning one of the most crucial matches and announced that he was a quote un-quote , “Little Girl Killer!” :lol:

  • This game is hot stuff and officially the BOJAH player’s choice of 2004!

And that’s it folks! There was not ST tournament this time around, and the chances of it appearing in the next BOJAH is still undecided.

I’d like to thank both Rick Stalvey and Anthony Wright for taking the time to drive up/down for this event. You guys are a real pleasure to hang out with and are always more then welcome here in PSL. Much love goes out to the two of you.

Also let me say it was great to see Gibson make the event as well! Hope you’ll be able to attend future events bro!

Finally, let me just say the highlight of the night was wrestling Matt’s 12-13 year old sister Chrissy. The girls got spunk and almost managed to pin me more then once, but in the end I managed to get the upper hand and pinned the poor dear to the floor. 1,2,3, Good Night Princess.

I love PSL. :lol:

P.S.: Many thanks go out the Matt’s parents for opening up their home for this event. Thanks for everything!

lmao Muffin man returns to beast in his home town, Rick what happened man I thought you were better than that? :lol:

Muff wins GGXX :lol: :lol:

Good job muff use all the shit I showed you

Are you kidding? Millia has no command grab, you scrub! Unless you were teaching him I-No…and if that’s the case…FORGET EVERYTHING HE SAID, MUFF!!!

Only partly true; Rick was having issues with his stick, so since I had to leave I let him take my spot. I say #1 is Shinma Warlock dammit.

I had a great time down there.
Hope to make the next one.

Yo Ant(can I call you that? haha) Did you pick up my stick??? Hopefully that wasn’t the stick you were having issues with lol

Carlos, sorry bud. I had it out for him and he was to take it, but later that night with a worried wife on a cell phone Anthony made a mad dash out of the house and forgot the stick :frowning: Hit me up on aim and we’ll work something out.

Good games to all. Just for the record, I was the one who sent Rick to the Marvel losers first off, but he did a good job coming back. But it was only after he left that I realized what I probably needed to do to stop his turtling. Maybe next time. :confused:

Muffin Man has some good stuff. I have to admit it makes me more than just a little excited when he pulls off Blanka’s A-groove. :o And no-fair sandbagging in GGXX. “I don’t know how to play against Potemkin.” SHUT THE FUCK UP FAG!! :mad: :lol: Just you wait bud, you’re back in PSL town now your skill level will drop over the next few weeks and I’ll be on top :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy. I got top-3 in every game except 3s…and well 3s was a night destined for mixups with Anah and Levi placing in the top half of the bracket results.

Hope to see you guys next time! :smiley:

Completely forgot. I was in the middle of Jojo’s and my wife hit me with the cellphone unblockable canceled into “Where the fuck are you?” super. After that it was GGPO. Your stick got left behind with my manhood.

Muffin man deserved it!!! Ill be there next week with vengence!!:lol: and my own stick!! Eric did really well and played like a champ;)

Stick problems owned me sunday, they open it up only to find the left side of the stick’s quick connects unconnected!! DOH!!! When I said I couldnt block I MEANT IT!!:mad: :lol: :lol: In all fairness tho Anthony I think they came loose when u started the corner madness and I did the 360 turbo mash roll. :lol: So it was my fault:lol: Thanx for the spot I couldnt have done it with out u!!

Rick Fn Warlock!!

Nah, they were broken before that. Way back when I was playing Troy. They had to be…:frowning:

It’s all about the Super Secret Fusion Technique. Gogeta what? Gotenks who? it’s all about *SHIN NIGGA ! *

OMG TOO POWERFUL!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

It’s all good. I was just gonna send it back to Dreaded Fist this week or something and have it fixed up by next week.

Oh muffin, you’ve grown from some batter into a fluffy “My Favorite Muffin” muffin thing! Good job!

Thanks for the clarification Anthony.

Glad you had a great time while down here, I’m just sorry we weren’t able to play that many Jojo matches. However let me say with the handful of matches we did play I had a great time. Good games Anthony, looking forward to playing you the next time we meet.

:lol: What a fag.

I’m just happy I managed to take Eric down to his last character, getting OCV’ed sucks, even in games you don’t play.

Also, Matt what was really up with the look of extreme concern on your face when I went to go wrestle with your little sister? I was getting mixed signals ranging from, “Nathan you’re going to get yourself hurt” to “OMG that pervs gonna touch my sister”. :lol:

By the way, I don’t know what she did to me but the ribs to my left hurt like hell when I got up this morning. :frowning:

^ ^ b.



I Suck!!!

Don’t worry Troy, you’ve got Eric there now. He’ll get you all practiced up for the next bojah! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nathan: I seriously thought she was going to break a bone or something on you, but as I was watching her I could tell she was sandbagging… :lol:

Matt, man where are you. I have not seen you on AIM in a while :frowning: I really need my stick man.


I don’t know if I should be upset or thankful. :confused: :frowning:

ah thanks guys!!!
GG to ALL!!!
I owe these wins to reno crew…i wouldnt have done it without you guys.

:D. Thanks Eric. Glad you did well, cause if you didn’t, I would personally go to FLA and kick your ass :D.