PSL "BOJAH v.5" Bi-weekly Results - SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER!(8/7/04)

It’s that time again! “BOJAH” results hitting the boards harder then the hardest, biggest, blackest of cocks! DAMN!


Capcom vs. SNK 2:
1st.) Eric Wesley (The Muffin Man) - A-Groove Sakura/Bison/Blanka(R2)|C-Groove Chunli/Blanka/Sagat(R2)
2nd.) Rick Stalvey (Shinma_sama) - A-Groove Sagat/Nakoruru/Cammy(R2)
3rd.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - C-Groove Cammy/Ryu/Sagat(R2)


  • For full results CLICK HERE!

  • Eric has defended his title for the 2nd week now. How long will he last as BOJAH CvS2 champ?

  • With the guidance of Rick F’n Stalvey I almost managed to eliminate The Muffin Man from the tournament. He may of learned how to play rush-down while residing on the WC, but he still has issues handling the EC turtle tactics. Good games Eric.

  • Levi (aka THE TRUTH), age 11, is showing signs of vast improvement in CvS2. If he continues practicing with Eric he just may end up being a true contender! Keep up the good work bud!

  • Eric came out of the losers bracket beating Rick. The match set ratio is unknown to me, sorry.

  • Oh yeah, before I forget. This game sucks. :wink:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike:
1st.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Ryu (SAIII)
2nd.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage) - Chun-li (SAII)/Ken (SAIII)
3rd.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Ryu (SAII)/Hugo (SAIII)


  • For full results CLICK HERE!

  • Matt made an early upset by beasting me, thus throwing me into the losers bracket. Come later on we met up in the loser’s semi-finals were I beat Matt 2-0 with SAIII Necro.

  • I came out of the losers bracket beating Troy 3-0 in the winners finals. We were supposed to play 3 more matches but Troy decided to forfeit the finals for one reason or another. WTF?

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2:
1st.) Rick Stalvey (Shinma_sama) - Team Jesus & Team JDK
2nd.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Magneto/Ironman/Sentinal
3rd.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Cable/Juggs/Iceman & Cable/Juggs/Colossus


  • For full results CLICK HERE!

  • Rick Stalvey came in and cleaned shop for a second time! Will anyone from PSL ever be able to cage this beast?

  • In the loser’s finals I manage to beat matt 2-1. Was it legit? Or was he sand-bagging? The world will never know.

  • Rick beat me in the finals 3-1. His Team Jesus I could handle, but Team JDK just flat out tore me up. Damn!

Guilty Gear XX:
1st.) Eric Wesley (The Muffin Man) - Bridgett/Millia
2nd.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage) - Chipp
3rd.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Potemkin/Anji


  • For full results CLICK HERE!

  • Eric Ojah (Uber1) made an appearance at the event and tried his best against The Muffin! Sadly his attempts failed, but he put up a good fight! Don’t let your loss hold you down Eric O.! Get back up and dust of your shoulders boy!

  • Props go to Troy (ChippDamage) for shutting down Eric’s Bridgett with Chipp! Give it some time and I’m sure you’ll be able to take down that Millia of his as well!

  • What was up with Matt picking up Anji? Stick with Potemkin!

Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
1st.) Matthew Smith (acesmith5) - Dhalsim/Ryu
2nd.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear) - Balrog/Ken
3rd.) Levi Wesley (THE TRUTH) - M. Bison


  • For full results CLICK HERE!

  • ST makes it’s official comeback to BOJAH! Wooha!

  • Matt still holds his title as BOJAH ST champion. Someone needs to show up and take him down!

  • I finally managed to break my ST curse of getting beaten by random attacks! Balrog is just a monster!

  • Levi still manages to place well in a game that was released before he was born. Good job little guy! Just learn to throw more! :lol:

Rock, Paper, Scissors:
1st.) Rick Stalvey (Shinma_sama)
2nd.) Troy Wesley (ChippDamage)
3rd.) Nathan Roach (SilverGear)


  • Rick once again manages to take RPS and actually goes through the bracket UNDEFEATED! What the hell? Between you and me, I think he’s got Ume!

  • I managed to peace out Troy in the winners bracket, but he made a comeback. Good job!

  • Kyle vs. Troy was pure gold. Kyle can’t resist the power that is Bologna!

  • I tried to beat Rick via Time Out by throwing out the same signals as him, but in the end he got the better hand. Boo!

And that’s it! Thanks goes out to everyone who attended! Good games everyone! Many thanks goes out to Rick F’n Stalvey for taking the time to travel up once more for another BOJAH! Too good sir!

See everyone in another two weeks! Peace!

P.S.: Many thanks go out the Wesley family for opening up their home for this event.

Oh and Eric sometime soon I’d like to discuss something with you in private.


I just came across this thread and thought it’d be a perfect place for Eric to express his view-points on turtling:

Why all the hate towards the turtles? (CLICK HERE TO READ)

Enjoy! :lol:

Damnit. That does it. Now I have to drive down to Florida and shut down the Baron? The Muffin can’t keep winning Guilty Gear. It goes against everything Reno players stand for.

Rick Posting:

The finals set ratio was 2-1 Last game both had no life, Sagat vs Cammy I decide to go on the offensive for once and got tossed :frowning: Should have stayed with my EC turtle style :frowning:

GGS everyone!!:cool:


If you have a tourney every 2 weeks, I might make it out there next time. It was kinda short notice this time, but I’ll make out there next. That, and I need to get away from the Orlando scene some. Oh and Rick, what the f@#k is team jesus?! Also, Alex is still a pansy at this game. I want to see you take him out and his crappy Mag, Cab, and Psy. L8r.

whatever scrub…i hadnt played yu for a month before i left :stuck_out_tongue:
ive gotten better

GG to all

nate i dont really care about turtling anymore.
you can do it if yu want…it just delays the innevitable (sp?) :smiley:
PS my dan owned yu for free :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, first post updated with links directing to full results for those of you interested.

Hope to see you make it sometime soon! Looking forward to the new comp…

BTW Team Jesus = Mags/Doom/Cable

Well that’s good, learn to accept all kinds of play.

As for Dan, pick him again and let’s see what happens. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW the message for you at the end of my first post, you saw it yes? I know you’ve got alot to do, but the sooner we discuss it, the better and I’d like for it to be in person if possible.

You’re banned from posting outside of RenoCrew and the offical Buffalo Burger thread. :cool:

Eric, good shit! When can you guys start recording some … MUTHAFUCKIN FOOTAGE (tm!) so us Reno folks can learn from your insane bridget? ;D

Hopefully come next BOJAH we’ll be able to record some matches and slap 'em up on the web for your viewing (dis)pleasure. :wink:

I’m thinking CvS2 matches, GGXX finals, and RPS. :smiley:

ST made a comeback yay.

Anyway, how far do you guys think it is from Tampa to PSL, like how long do you think the drive is?

Also, if someone could give me a place to crash, I’ll be happy to attend one of the future BOJAH’s

Id say about 3 1/2 hours. Problem is the 2 best ways for you to get there is way out of the way from tampa. Ex: You could take I4 to turnpike which will put you there in 3 hours or so, or you could take 75 South to state road 70 exit then drive across state. both will take 3 hours or so except the turnpike will cost you like $11 each way.

I think there might be a way to cut across to State Road 70 from I4 via the Haines City exit but Im not sure. I never had to come from that way.

Rick pretty much covered the travel time Isaac.

Outside of that if you’d still like to come down for one BOJAH let me know and I’m sure I could arrange some housing for you. We’d love to have you!

Hey, if you’re recording, include marvel dudes, sorry rick, but I think i’ll go tampa style on ya with combofiend :stuck_out_tongue: vs your jesus. All in all, it should be good. How many people attend the marvel event part? And if someone can house me for the night, I can stay there longer, for me and maybe 2 friends, UP TO 2 friends for a grand total of 3.

MvC2 averages around 7-13 people. However 3-4 out of those 13 really play the game, so expect to see ALOT of scrubby stuff going on. :lol: And I’m all down for recording Marvel finals as well.

About housing, in a case like yours that’s all acesmith5. I can’t house more then one person and usually won’t do so unless they’re a personal friend (no offense), Eric and Troy can’t house anyone cause they live in a 3 bedroom house with 8 kids. In an instance like this, it’s all really up to Matt (acesmith5).

Sorry bro. :frowning:

LOL I stopped seriously playing mavel like 2 yeas ago. Im beating fools with 3 year old strats, so that should give you a good idea of the comp lvl :wink: I ditched team jesus for Jin Doom Ken in the finals!!:lol: :lol: Soooo yeah… Anyways the ppl that are playing mavel here its not like its the next best game they like its more like 3rd or 4th!!! LOL

Hehe, so who gave you the authority to ban people again?? But I do agree with you saying something about the Buffalo Burger thread (though 10miles from Cal Poly, he was willing to do it).


P.S. Eric…beasting??? EC Turtle??? :p.

thats right foo :stuck_out_tongue:
it was starting to work on you people before i left :stuck_out_tongue:

it did?? Hmm?? I don’t remember, was it during the time when you beat me the last tourney you were in?? I didn’t see turtle there, so I don’t know which worked. Maybe to others, but I myself haven’t seen it :p. HAHAH. I’m moving to nor cal, when you go back to Reno, I’ll pass by, and we’ll play. We’ll see who gets better from here on out :D.


ah shat up :stuck_out_tongue:
ill KILL YOU foo j/k :stuck_out_tongue:
but ill take you up on that offer :slight_smile:

Always dude :), I’ll be spending my weekends hanging out with Dangerous Crew so best prep up sucka cause imma kill you :D.