PSM 2v2 CvS2 Team Results... 5/14

1st - Team RUN - Combofiend (A-Hibiki/Rolento/Eagle) Amir (BAS)
2nd - Team Random - Watson (C-Sagat/Guile/Chun) Pigadoken (P-Yama/Sagat/Cammy)
3rd - Team FuckAss - Nam (A-Eagle/Sak/Bison) Jesse (C-Vega/Cammy/Sagat)
4th - Team Golfland - GhettoD (P-Vega/Cammy/Sagat) Clockwork (k-Kyo/Geese/Sagat)

i dont know the rest… coz i dont have brackets…

About 16 teams total.

pretty dope tourny.

cr short jab jab …cr short jab jab…nothing.
why am i still playing cvs2?
it was pretty fun though.
thanks doug for being my partner.

psm is awesome.

i learned a lot more just from one day of watching. had lots of fun testing out my C/A teams.

im pretty disappointed in how poorly uci placed here…once again, we fail to leave a good impression…

but other than that, this was one of the best tournies I have ever been to. 2 machines, complimentary food, GREAT competition and decent efficiency in the brackets clearly made the drive worth it. Thanks again to everyone running the tourney.

The swap meet atmosphere was nice, too. It was refreshing to see something other than the boring suburbia of Irvine…and once again, to whoever arranged the free pizza, thank you very much.

EDIT: I just remembered, that in regards to my first match, misterbean97 was like “that was a tourney match???” for the 2nd or 3rd tournament in a row…ahhh man…

That would be me sir =)

But thank you all for taking the time to come out here and participate. The pizza and drinks is my way of saying thanks for coming out here.

Mini G, you are an organizing beast. Free Pizza + Free Drinks + Freeplay? I dont think that can be beaten, plus there were 2 cvs2 machines meaning that the tourney actually finished before 2am. T5 would be nice and it seemed like the cvs2 machines were slower than normal excuse for losing

“Organizing beast” woah, what a compliment :slight_smile:

We should have T5 (console setups though) for our upcoming summer tournament.

Both CvS 2 machine speeds were at default of 3. Speed option ranges from 1-5. Hmm, it appeared slow to you??


dont mind dentron… hes just mad his k groove sucks asshole.


This was probably the most fun I’ve had at a CVS2 tourney! Good shit to Team Random and Team FuckAss. I’ll get you next time Jesse (well, probably not)!

Good shit to my teammate David (also known as the son of BAS), who loves CVS2 unconditionally, and helped to form Team Steve Fox with me.

GGs, to people I played in CVS2 after-during the tourny. I couldn’t actually enter the CVS2 tourny cuz I had to work, and I probably wouldn’t have been able to find a team member anyway… because I suck. My n-iori is fucking disgusting…

But it was def. fun playing you guys, you guys should come to PSM more often so I can get more comp.

EDIT: I was the guy reppin the green LONGS polo shirt with the nametag.

i was the guy who kept stealing a character from everyone. i play K-maki in tourney, but in casual i mostly fucked around with c-vega/rugal A-haoh/vega. ggs

I don’t remember playing an A-hao, or C-rugal. Were you using C-Yun? If so, I think I know who you were.

hey long drugs wats up foo if u woulda showd up in time i woulda been ur partner i know im no good but its the fun that counts lmao K-groove that shit foo im not going to psm this weekend foo ill go the following weekend tho aight? pm me so we can get sum console in or sumthing so i dont have to make u waste so many damn quarters on me LMAO im out foo late

i said ggs to you in person. (i think…)

Hey bitch, cvs2 in the arcade is slower than on console, always has been. Good games to everyone, matt i know you’ll beat me next time, i’m sorry I didn’t let your gay ass teammate david even get to my last character. GG’s to the few people i had to play since nam basically ocv’ed hella teams. Team fuckass for life. big ups to paul lee for pointing out the stupid shit i do in 3s. I’m gonna beef up if i start playing it again.

EDIT: gg’s to all of irvine for getting owned up every time by rico <3 and once again, sorry for falling asleep on friday night, i was sleepy damnit