PSM 3/27/04 Results

I just have MvC 2 Team Tourney results. CvS 2 results will be apexed but I think I rememeber the top 4.

CvS 2 Singles (Not enough for teams)

1st: DJ-B13
2nd: Ace (taiji)
3rd: Lawrence (DJ Jago)
4th: Nam (Strider Hiryu)

MvC 2 Teams:

1st: Team NSJ #1 (DJ-B13 & taiji) Rowtron & MSP
2nd: Team Sick (Potter & Aero) Santrax & Matrix
3rd: Team Stunt 101 (Pigadoken & Ducjr.) Matrix & Storm/Sent/Cammy
4th: Team NSJ #2 (croe529 and Definitely) Scrub and MSS
5th: Team Tenet (Dasrik and DJ Jago) Blackheart/Sent/Commando & Mag/Cable/Psy
5th: Team We Suck (waldo98 and The Great Sephiroth) Santrax and Rowtron

Overall some really good gaming, just really hoped a few more people showed up.

Team NSJ #1 is too damn cheap!!!

LOL. j/k. good job guys. keep up the good work!

thanks to eugene for running another great tourney… free play & free food is great =]

gg’s to everyone

djb13 destroyin’ the west coast all over again.