PSM baby tourny... 9-12

Well since I won’t be able to make it tomorrow we decided to throw some baby tournies in my honor. :slight_smile:


1st Albert -Pigadouken- akuma SAI
2nd Tony -Trance Man- sean SAI, Alex SAII
3rd Jose -Joe Zaza- Twelve SAI
4th Eugene -Mini G- Yun SAIII
5th-whatever, I don’t know the rest… Someone else has the brackets
Comments: Shit was pretty dope. Repin’ some characters that don’t really get much play today. With the exception of Albert, maybe thats why he won. Naw, nigga straight own up dope style. Losers finals Tony beats Jose 3-2. All the games came down to the wire, but with excellent turtle skills with the power to press jab+short whenever needed made it very difficult for us to hit each other. Jose is fuckin’ tight, Twelve is one crazy mugg. Grand Finals, Albert Beats Tony 4-1.Games were pretty damn close except for that one game I picked Alex, nigga fucked me up, but Albert is the man. Good shit nigga. I’ll catch up and fuck your ass up nigga. Carlos loses to Walter 2-1 early in the brackets… Dudley prevails!!! It’s all good Faglos, I saw you did that slide thing and then did not follow up with super, it would have been yours. Shit happens niggy. fuck it.

1st Tie Faglos -S3nTin3L- Sent, Cable, Scha-da-da-da, Spiral, Cable, Sent
Tony -Trance Man- WM, IM, Doom Sent, IM, Doom Mag, Sent(project), Cable
3rd Jose -Joe Zaza- Ryu, Jin, Megaman Sent, Mag, Doom Double wolvy, sent
4th Albert -Pigadouken- msp
5th-the rest, Don’t have the brackets. sorry.

Comments: Shit was dope, people were fuckin’ up other people… shit was the greatest. Losers Finals Tony beats Jose 3-1(i think, might be 2) Tony tries to be funky and use sent, IM, Doom on jose… he proves that he can still be the shit out of anyone… dopeness nigga. So Tony resorts to good ol’ mag, sent(project), cable. Games were close and Tony prevails. Tony moves onto the grand finals to face the luckest mother fucker on planet earth, Carlos. Some of the games were fuckin’ bs that carlos won and he knows it… wierd shit was just goin’ his way. I’m not goin’ to hate, you just know it was pure luck. >_< Again I try to be a G, and use sent, im, doom and carlos takes advantage and beats the shit out of me, back to mag, sent, cable. I tear him a new asshole that round and he switches to Team Duc V1.0 and again i rip his asshole larger. Back to Sent, Cable, tron. matches went both ways. Tony wins first set 4-3. 2nd set, same shit. score is 3-3 and it is the final match, we are runnin’ low on time but we think we could finish. We play the final match. Carlos and I are goin’ heads up blow for blow and the game is pretty even when i hit both his cable and tron with short short into rp assist and I try to dash to snapback, but i just snapback. Keep in mind that Carlos has 5 meters with cable. needless to say, AHVB’s into sent while mag blocks. They turn off the power and the game is not finished. Resultin’ in a TIE!!! It could have gone either way from there… all of our characters were fucked up. So we just decided to split the money. gg scrub.

Yup thats just about how it went (just about) anyways a lil preview of what is to come tomarow (the…daddy tourny??:confused: ) anyways GG to everyone that showed up and thx to everyone that entered and participated (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF NAM!!!:stuck_out_tongue: )