PSM (San Bernardino, CA) Bi-Weekly 9/13


GGXX 7 people

1st: David Tu (Deuce)
2nd: Hang Zhao (Konquer)
3rd: David Power (Mr. Power)
4th: Josh Magno (Def1n1tely)
5th: Kenny Guerra (Kennywood)
5th: Jesse Avelar (Guanaco)
7th: Oscar ? (some other Oscar, not Dark Mage)

MvC 2 13 people
(I only remember 1st-4th. The rest will be posted by Dasrik or Joe Zaza and being apexed as well by one of them)

1st: Daniel Maniago (Clockwork)
2nd: Ace Vallega (taiji)
3rd: Hang Zhao (Konquer)
4th: Potter

Despite a really low turnout for GGXX, but almost a full 16 for MvC 2, it ran pretty smoothly although the brackets is one thing I need to work on. Meh, I might as well just let someone else with experience handle the brackets since last night was just to cover Carlos’s abscene.

Good to see some familiar faces again from the previous July tourney and some new faces last night.

Congratulations to all.

Next Bi-Weekly schedule: September 27th, 2003 (Saturday)

Games: CvS 2 and 3s


The tourney was dope Eugene… sticks and buttons were great too.


Good shit, Ace :cool:


thanks to everyone that showed up. glad to see a veriety of players there…made me happy :smiley:
sorry for not being able to stay…but next time ill be there for sure.
once again thx.
reminder 2 weeks from now is CvS2 and 3S. maybe some friday mini tournies too :wink: