PSM Summer Tournament 2005 other games results

I only remember top 3 on the other games

CvS 2 (26 players)

1st: Combofiend
2nd: Warren (Evil Elvis)
3rd: Albert (Pigadoken)

3s (40 players)

1st: Amir
2nd: Pyrolee
3rd: Hungbee

GGXX #r (ugh, um 25, err i don’t remember >_<)

1st: Romel
2nd: Ruin
3rd: Combofiend

Thank you everyone for taking the time once again to come out to the tournament. This was probably the best one ever out of all that we’ve held.

As usual, special thanks to the out of towners: Norcal, Vegas, AZ, and NY. Hope you all have a safe trip back or you made it back safe.

Socal, what can I say, thanks again as usual for coming out.

I apologize for having to cut off money matches b/c we REALLY needed to close up or else we’d end up having to deal with the alarm company.

Anyway, I am tired. Sleep for me now zzzzzz

Good stuff Mini-G, thanks to you for everything, and all the tournament hosts as I had a great time despite the humid conditions. Nice meeting you guys. Yeah that Pop N Music 11 was nice too, except for the random kid throwing a wet floor sign at me. :clap:

Last minute ST players: gg’s guys that was fun. Sorry about not getting around to doing the tournament, I didnt know GGXX#R casuals would take so long. See a bunch of you guys at the next Camelot weekly hopefully.

Paro: I apologize for desecrating your XBox with O. Sagat.

sir bobby blake is too strong.


Since everything I do is in honor of God, even this stuff, 1st place goes to him for blessing me with the conditions to win this tournament… God > everything.

Chaotic Blue

thx a lot eugene for throwing another great tourny.

ps: fuck your a-vega paulee <3

damn, this tournament was pretty dope. thanks to all the people who came from all over.

to the az peeps:
sabre- YOU NICE MAN. every time i tried to uoh with ken, you’d land low forward super on my ass. you were doing some crazy shit and i got lucky when you accidentally taunted. :confused: next time…

tootall- thanks for coming down. i watched your matches in 3s and your necro is still random. good shit.

andy-good shit getting a job. hahaha. get a whip now.

ruin-stop placing so high in mvc2. good shit batch.
petetzaasjflkajdsfjaldf-good shit in 3s man. you always place hella high. lol


random highlights that i thought were dope:
-soo vs. wigfall…i only saw the end of it but it was still hype
-clockquette vs. potter…WALLJUMP STRIDER =]
-edma vs. amir…boshit ass bison comeback…a-groove is hella dub
-amir vs. the world in 3s…his chunnie was doing crazy shit…it looked like he turned japanese for a while
-yi wang vs. bacardi limon…good shit
-me vs. warren twice…those were some funny ass irritating matches, dope nonetheless

Thanks Mini G for another great PSM tourney. Still my favorite place. Too bad someone had to mess up the drummania machine, but nonetheless, good looking out in getting the machine in the first place.

Yo Albert, sick P-Groove. You’re the illest. Good shit in running the tournaments. I was like whoa, this guy is hella busy running shit and playing at the same time. Too good.

Muffin Man, next time I’m going to go all P-Groove and doubt myself like I did at the tourney and go A-Groove. It was still fun though. Southtown. Peace.

  • J-Peso

Thxs to all at PSM, Mini G, big thxs for all the drink’s and food you hooked me up with. I had alot of fun, hope this isn’t the last psm tournament.


good shit CB!
wow people RUNin’ things O_O

Man, by far this is my favorite place to play.
Mini-G, this man knows how to throw a tourney and I want to give him a big ups for doing so…I’m from Hollywood, and for those who haven’t gone, its defenitely worth the drive. Great atmosphere plus intermission (Of food and drinks) …and yes, the Drummania machine is the best! Whoever got it, whoop! WhooP! (Whoever messed it up, I’ll be looking for ya)
Warren: Good shit. All I can say:D
Albert: damn, that sick ass p-groove! Too friggin good
J-peso: Good shit against that one dude…you should’ve lost, but through the miracles of modern science, you somehow won…if that isnt frigin random, I dont know what is…
Hung: I finally won! Damn, whether its third strike or CvS2, it’s always fun matches…friggin Oro
But yes, anyone you talk to, I think they all have good things to say about PSM tourneys, and I hope this is not the last one
…So when there is a next one, I will be there:)
-The Geese

Nah, this won’t be the last one =]

I’ll definitely be planning out another one. When the time approaches, I will announce it.

Oh, for Drummania the monitor was going all weird. So it was turned off b/c of that. Sorry if you guys couldn’t get some more games in.

pig: yeah dude, tough break for me. but thats the nature of the game, it was a good fight nonetheless. we’ll have a rematch sometime dude!

fun tourney. i was really exhausted tho on my last match tho, so i knew i was gonna get peaced out. but its all fun. still got good games in. so its all good. good seeing all the old faces again… PEACE

Nice seeing everyone <3 love all the dips you guys are the homies Mini G you’re the fucking man i love psm tourneys they’re so fucking fun :smiley: this was a blast. I hate #R I enjoy playing mvc2 alot more now and it doesn’t piss me off <3 :smiley: i suck laters!

Big ups to Albert and Eugene for running shit, especially Eugene w/ the free food and drinks. That’s like hella too good =0

ps those wall jumps were dedicated to you jal <3



thx for the pizza and drinks, its much appreciated.

Mike R.


Crowd: “Oh shit, is it a perfect?”