PSM Tourney 3s and GGXX #r results

I only remember top 3 for both:

3s (24 players):

1st - Mike Watson
2nd - Paul Lee
3rd - Amir

GGXX #r (16 players):

1st - Romel
2nd - Ruin
3rd - Combofiend

ggs to everyone today, nice seeing all the so cal gamers. havent been around for a while. msg for paul lee : la la la la la la la la la la la la la la (bitch, i go home first cause i won) HAHAHA

gj running tourneys guys, had fun for once and its been awhile. thanks for carrying the team pig. see you all next tourney at ffa i guess.

pz watts

… fuck you bitch… i’m gettin some. 1 hour later… and 20 miles out of the way.

edit: plus if I had known we were playing for something important… maybe I would have tried. peace nzz…

I suck at 3s <3

Great tourney! Thanks to Eugene for hosting. Special thanks to selfscience and Chaotic Blue, and everyone else who took over the #R brackets while I was playing slow-ass CVS2. Sorry about the lack of a team tourney, I started taking signups, but there just wasn’t enough time. :sad:

Thanks for coming to everyone though, especially Vegas! You guys are dope, I hope we can play a lot of casual #R at Evo this year.

cvs2 teams 15 teams of 2
1] team run- combofiend[a-rolento,eagle,hibiki], amir[a-sakura,vega,blanka]
2] team random- mike watson[c-vega,sagat,chunnie], albert[p-yama,cammy,sagat]
3] team fuckass- jesse gan[c-chunnie,sagat,some batch],nam thai[a-eagle,bison,sakura]
4] team golfland- don s[p-vega,cammy,sagat],clockquette[k-geese,kyo,sagat]
5] team fox- matt[a-are], david[a-are]
5] team shit ass cunt fuck

3s 24 entrants
1] mike watson-ken and some other boshit characters
2] paul lee- ken and some other boshit characters
3] amir-chun li
4] danny leong- akuma
5] christian-ken
5] albert-ken
7] combofiend- elena, ken
7] xenotiger [vegas]-ken

#R 16 entrants

1] romel - jam
2] ruin- eddie
3] combofiend- axl
4] ID- sol
5] deuce[dipset]- faust
5] xenotiger-axl
7] self science- anji
7] definitely- millia

mvc2 28 entrants

1] reset - msp
2] potter- santhrax, sscable, ajsdlfkja;lskdjfalksdjlfkj
3] ruin- santhrax
4] amir - mss-a
5] ace- msp,mss-a
5] combofiend- mag, sentinel, capcom
7] tranceboi aka beast- tron, cammy, sentinel
7] phat toi- ironman.sentinel, cable

highlights from the tourny:
-mike watson does a cum back on amir with pixel ken
-paul lee and mike watson using boshit characters and still making it look more fun than cvs2
-combofiend beasting with a-hibiki and destroying motherfuckers
-me missing low forward into super with p-sagat hahahaha
-killlllllla kai beating the shit out of me and some other jaggaz in mvc2 quals
-some other shit

thanks for coming. we’re going to have a big ass one in july. see you at the e3 tournament. danke eugene.

any word on when #reload vids will be up?

<— always stuck behind 5th place or lower =[

p.s. thnx again eugene… tourney and pizzas were dope as usual

I would realy like to see any vid of me (if any) so I can brush up before i go to ECC so if any one could hook it up :tup:

If #R vids are gona be posted id really <3 if none of me are put up thanks alot.

good games jal. you got me back during the tournament big time. Damn near perfected me with your sentinel first game. ecc is gonna be HOT :badboy:

thanks for the vids duc jr. It’s helpful to see what happens when i win and when i lose and why each time.

Clock, it was also great seeing you in action again.

phat: good games. you truly are a killer. and it takes one to know one.

its actually team SHIT ASS CUM FUCK


petey piff aka the kufi slappa aka the mainest attraction aka only time he does pull ups and push ups and shit is when he pulls up in a whip and pushes up on YO BITCH


b bagnus wellman aka bill bakespeare aka punchin you in the face aka the chrys sippa





alright i have received the first flurry of vids, this is all Jo has send me, and since assface…errr i mean ruin, said he doesnt want his matches up, they arent.


for your enjoy.

PS: <3 ruin.

lol i <3 you too :smiley: damn rob love the new av where ya get it

congrats to Romel. good shit. wish I coulda been there =\ Josh don’t fret it man, look who you were up against, you did good fool =d don’t be so hard on yourself…

finally broke down and got me a stick, and it’s already goin great. hope to take a shot at you guys again soon. if not, I’ll see you at Evo =] take it easy guys.

Good games to everyone I played in tourney and casuals. Especially to Josh cuz he repped Millia to 5th place while mine got nowhere. I need hella practice… =(

Edit: The vids are dope; thanks to whoever taped them (Jo?).

i still can’t beat jam and axl =(

good shit to Romel tho for takin it again for rico.

Ok my good faith is being tested here, i thought this was general Ettiquite, but it appears as though some people are not familiar with these simple ftp rules:

1)1 video at a time. Since this is MY bandwidth im giving you, please share it with everyone, there are only 15 log-in slots, so dont be a jerk and hog an extra slot.
2)DONT HACK MY FTP. It only happened twice, but that’s two times to many that people have tried to illegally access my FTP and use exploits to try to gain access to things they shouldnt have access too.
3)DONT Hammer… if you get kicked off, it’s probably for a reason, dont hit refresh like one million times, that just hammers the log-ins and get’s you banned.

please observe these rules, and use common sense, and i will gladly continue to provide these services for as long as i have this internet connection.

i still dont see me vrs xenotiger where is it available?

Chaotic Blue